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Love blooms in historic Oregon City

Have you found that dreams and romance often clash when lived out in reality?

My New Release experiences it first hand: Historical, Christian Romance.

Cherise is an artist with a big dream. Heartwarming Romance: a bridal agency, sends the answer, but one man too late. Now the confused woman must choose between the local childhood friend and the Frenchman who wants to sweep her off her feet and fulfill all her dreams.

Dreams and love can be an explosive combination.

Did you ever have to sacrifice one for the other, or did surrendering to a plan B win you both in the end? I can think of a few occasions, as I am sure you can.

Cherise Gracin, Tariana’s younger sister (from book 1) is young and vulnerable. The man from Paris has all the right moves and a life with him would unleash all the opportunities for her artistic passion. The wanderer, Ben Jenkins, has finally returned home, and holds an appeal of his own for Cherise but fades in comparison to the Parisian and her dreams.

Soul searching is a big part of Cherise’s inward battle. God, family and her homeland of America battle with her goals of becoming a world renown artist.

What tops your list of pros and cons when debating a plan of action? I tend to think of its eternal value first. That's why I chose to be an author, to glorify God with wholesome inspirational words that have the potential to reach world wide. That was a big dream.

Back to the book: Throw in the “whoops” factor of young Rosemary’s brash male-order groom invitation, and Hollie’s attempt to “fix it” and you have a splendid story of chaos, love, and dreams. Young Cherise's loyalties and visions are torn.

Of course, our matchmaker Hollie doesn’t comprehend Cherise's dilemma. “Do you really want to be whisked away, Auntie Cherise? I’ve been to many places, and now that I’ve been adopted by the Sackertons and have a spot in a real family, I could never imagine living anywhere else.”

An honest question to ponder for sure.

How sweet is your home-sweet-home? Could anything lure you away from it?

Have you been enjoying the Mini Matchmaker series?

The young girls at the helm of the matchmaking,

add a unique touch to a popular romance genre.

NOTE: I have a SPECIAL time-sensitive gift for you today! Ends at midnight TODAY, so get it now! Book 2—a Family in Oregon—is up as a FREE download Jan. 18th to the 20th, 2023 .

The story introduces our young, fun-loving orphan, Hollie to the series, and sets up the matchmaking schemes for all the books to follow. It usually sells for $2.99, so grab it now while reading this blog, as the freebie only lasts 3 days. While you are at it, I hope that you will consider my new release today also.

Two books: Two nights of great entertainment at your fingertips for under 3 bucks!

FREEBIE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT Cherise is available to read on KU or purchase.

Readers are loving this series: Here are a couple of reviews.

Love the mini matchmaker idea! Hollie nearly steals the show, and I look forward to reading about her other matches.”

“A source of encouragement & hope. One of the things I love about this author is each of her books brings, not just a "feel good" feeling, but brings hope & encouragement & shows the reader where it is found, in our relationship with our Lord. I love reading everything she writes because her work shows us her own heart in each of her characters. Each major character is well developed, almost seems real. I recommend it - and the entire series.

I have enjoyed writing each and every addition to this series, but in this one, I bonded with Cherise’s artsy nature. I enjoy oil painting just like the character in my story. I have never been to Paris, France, but I did live in Paris Ontario, Canada for 14 years. Lol

If you like historical, small town Christian romance, this new release is for you. I sure hope you will give the series a shot. Download the freebie (emphasizing 3 days only—sorry, if you are reading this blog too late) So far, it’s a 5-book series; each story standalone, but better read in order so you can get acquainted with the Gracin family and friends. Please, consider blessing this author, by reading through the entire series.

Until next time, keep on reading and enjoying the characters in historical small town Oregon City.

Marlene, from Heartwarming Romance, signing out.

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