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Contemporary Holiday Cozy Mystery / Romance  

Paddy's Mission 

A cozy St. Patrick Day mystery suitable for all ages 

Introducing Paddy, the runt of the litter, but big hearted and dedicated to his mission.

Unbeknownst to Fionn Graham, her financial troubles have come to her granddaughter Hannah’s attention. Will solutions come from the first-prize money for the bike contest, the kind neighbor, Mr. O’Malley, or will it be a lost treasure that sets her free?

The family heirloom is on the verge of being rediscovered by the least likely duo. Hannah, and her kitten, Paddy are on a mission to find the gem-studded cat leash before the troublesome leprechauns can steal it on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day.
Tales of the O’Toole Irish ancestry, St. Patrick’s legacy, and all the folklore attached to the holiday aid in the search of the gem-studded cat collar.

Join Grannie Graham, Mother Catsie, Hannah, Paddy, and their sidekick, Mr. O’Malley, as they experience not only the fun, nonsensical aspects of the holiday but learn that the love St. Patrick preached so many years ago is still alive and well in their midst.

This Saint Patrick’s Day cozy mystery is filled with lots of family fun adventures while discovering the things that matter in life. It’s told from Hannah and Paddy’s points of view, adding innocence and an original animal perspective. Grab your copy today before the holiday fairies gobble up all the copies.

Labor Day Tails and Troubles: Holiday Pet-Sleuth Mysteries 

A K9 dog named Lab, an amateur detective, back to school drama, and small-town adventures, offer second chances for family and romance. A heartwarming cozy mystery taking place during the Labor Day holiday for your reading entertainment.

Josie has a summer job working for the new K9 organization in her hometown. The team is launching a training experiment and assigned her a police dog named Lab. An unexpected opportunity to test out her chosen career before her graduation year is a dream come true. At the height of preparation for the back-to-school Labor Day Celebration, a mystery comes to town.

What began as a simple purse snatching evolves into major complications that small-town, Slyville never expected. When the snatching victim is revealed as the newly hired high school principal, and the thief from parts unknown stalks the woman, Josie and Lab are on the job. What they find hiding in the school will surprise readers, and add an unexpected twist.

Join our four-legged K-9 hero Lab, and Josie his wanna-be detective, Anna, a friend and future forensic scientist, and Officer Barns, in this delightful heartwarming cozy holiday mystery where love is kindled in lonely hearts, and tragedy turns into a miracle of compassion.
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