You Are On The Air 

Contemporary Christian Romance

You are on the Air
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Fifteen Christian authors joined together to write in the ‘You Are on the Air’ series as a fun writing project that will undoubtedly deal with current issues involving romance. Somewhere in each of our stories, at least one character will call into a radio station for Christian relationship, dating, or specified life-advice from a live, on the air personality.


To make it even more engaging, we decided to write one book for each of the letters in the alphabet. These will not release in alphabetical order, to keep it fun for the reader to see which letter is being released next.


We hope you’ll want to collect every book in the series! We are having a blast behind the scenes coming up with engaging, faith-filled storylines to entertain and inspire our readers.

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Book 1 You are on the Air
Book 1 You are on the Air
Book 3 You are on the Air
Dial B-for-Baby

Maddie and Brandon Kingsley have been happily married for fifteen years, but they begin navigating rough waters as Maddie decides to transition from stay-at-home Mom to owning her own antique shop. At the same time, Brandon's career as an advertising executive brings additional stress when business travel and other demands increase. When their pre-teen twin daughters mistakenly think Mom and Dad are headed for divorce, they begin calling the local Nashville radio station for on the air, expert Christian relationship advice from radio personality, Pippa Johnston, to save their parents' marriage from doom.

Get your copy of this Sweet Christian Contemporary Romance novella today and begin enjoying all of the fun in this exciting new series filled with romantic comedy, heartwarming drama, and inspirational romance. Readers are sure to want to collect them all!

Dustin Sherbrook is coming home for the summer to visit his grandmother in Manitoulin Island. When he accepts the radio host’s challenge to volunteer as the groundskeeper at the Island Haven for unwed mothers, he has no idea how much change is in store for his life.

Little does Dustin realize that healing, love, and an unexpected new direction waits to unfold, if he will only open his heart. Will he allow the Lord to have His way, or depart in September for Niagara Falls the same lonely man?

If you like romance with a touch of conflict, drama, comedy, and inspiration, set within a house of hormone chaos where characters are changed by the hand of God, then Dial B for Baby is the book for you.

It will take more than holiday cheer to bring hope back into these two hearts. Welcome the joy of Christmas romance!

Songwriter Nick St. John hasn’t been able to write anything since losing his wife to cancer a couple of years ago. Because of this, the holiday season is especially rough. This year, he’s filling his time with work at the local radio station in the mountain town of Cedar Ridge. He’s standing in for his sick co-worker, the host of a call-in radio show. When a young lady phones in looking for answers about relationships and a way to survive the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something about her call moves him and the lyrics begin to flow for the first time in two years. But will they be good enough to sell?

When vacation time comes to an end all too soon, will she be able to leave behind the folks she’s come to love—especially the handsome stand-in radio show host?