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Hers to Redeem

Hers To Redeem: A Hero in Hiding.

This series features sweet romances, focusing on the redeeming power of love. The heroine finds a way to break through what causes her man to hide away. Most books have different reasons for the man being reclusive, but the heroine and love find a way to break through to redeem him.


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Jonah Whaler’s life never more compared to his father’s occupation of whaling than it did now. It seemed simpler to decay in the belly of his grief than venture into God’s plan and face life again. Kathryn Bigelow is a widow, her dream abandoned of family and home. She now works with orphans in Chicago.

As leader of the orphan train, Kathryn will need all the compassion and strength of character she can muster up to build a place called home for the four remaining children at the end of their route. When the pioneer farmer, Jonah, refuses to accept his obligation, only a death-bed promise, a tenacious woman, and the lure of innocence can set his feet on solid ground.

Jonah Whaler and Kathryn Bigelow invite you to join the adventure. Watch in awe as redemption leads the way for this fragmented “family” to run the marathon through a heartwarming tale of love, hope, and renewed faith.

Abram Exodus is successful in business and love, which are all at risk when the doctor recommends that he relocate to a better climate for his mother’s health.
Sarah Tyris knows how to take charge. Independence fuels her nursing career while caring for out-patients in the comfort of their homes.

Join Abram as he leaves his home in Delaware to seek out his mother’s version of the Promised Land. Is God leading or has He forgotten Abram? Could the strong, liberated nurse whose aim is to heal the body, soul, and mind of the Exodus family bring deliverance?

Enjoy this faith-inspired, sweet historical romance. It will warm your heart and provide the encouragement change often brings—growth and freedom from mountains considered unsurmountable.

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