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A Wartime Romance Collection

The Wartime Romance Collection are historical accounts of love finding its way into unexpected lonely hearts despite their war-torn surroundings. Each book is standalone and will be set in different time periods as new inspiration stirs Marlene’s imagination.

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Oregon Bride (war time collection cover)

Oregon Bride

War Time Romance Collection: Book 1 

Teresa Gifford’s recently widowed military father wants to control her future, even to choosing her husband – but she has plans of her own! Those, of course, did not include being abducted by an Indian or being dumped at a nearby ranch.

However, her growing attraction to Lester Campton, the ranch’s owner, might just cause the young beauty to reconsider it all. Fear of the threat to her happily-ever-after, put deadly secrets into motions, which usher in horrific consequences, as Teresa’s fate plays out with the Indians, the army, a jealous fiance, and the man she loves.

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