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The Pinkerton Matchmaker

Marriage of conveniences are running rampant in Denver as Pinkerton Agents are matched and sent out on dangerous or investigative assignments. Will the couple fall in love or fall apart by the end of the book? Join the agents as hearts journey through the pages of adventure stories.

An Agent For Genevieve
The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series, Book 48

A woman, an agent, and a missing person case to investigate.

When Genevieve Trafton secures a job at the Pinkerton Detective Agency, the last thing she expects is a wedding ring on her finger. But the desire for adventure and the need to leave the farm, give her no choice. Trace Stapleton is an agent with two working wives in his past and is hesitant to become involved with a third. But Gen is everything the others were not, and when she pushes past his defenses, he is at a loss as to handle this independent, fiery spinster.

The Pinkerton assignment soon proves to involve more than simply locating the spoiled daughter from a wealthy family. The adventure develops into a well-planned scheme that will test the couples character and heart.

Join the investigation, and fall in love with another Pinkerton couple as they seek to untangle emotions and solve a case riddled with many surprises.

an Agent for Genevieve

Marianne's Mail Order Brides

This spinoff has Marianne Gordon doing what she does best. She’d had so much success pairing prospective agents with their Pinkerton partners, that she is on a mission to match the rest of Denver! Come join Marianne as she finds eligible bachelors their lifelong loves in this brand-new takeoff series from the Pinkertons.

A Match for Sarah
Marianne's Mail Order Brides, Book 2


Sarah is being groomed to replace her mother as head cook in the Cranston household, but she would like nothing more than to leave the stately Texas mansion and set up housekeeping in her own home. Nick Trafton has lost his bearings, abandoning the family farm and living the dangerous life of a bounty hunter.

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A Match for Laney Marianne's mail order bride .jpg

A Match for Laney 


Marianne's Mail Order Bride, Book 8

After her mother’s death, Laney learns of the secrets hidden from her for eighteen years. With no friends or family for support, she escapes to Denver, Colorado to seek answers—only to finds more rejection. Realizing her meager funds will soon run out and with no job in sight, she agrees to be become a mail order bride and sign up with the reputable, Marianne Gordon. Will her bridal agency do any better picking a husband than the one who sent her mother to the abusive Shane Fielding in Banter, Missouri?

Nathaniel Breconshire earns success in lodging gentlemen inside his Denver boarding house. He is an ambitious businessman, and is encouraged by the town council to open an adjacent rooming facility on his huge property to accommodate the lady’s need for housing. Now all he needs is a woman to run the side operation. Should he take the plunge and request a mail-order bride, despite the grief he’d experienced balancing the bizarre relationship between his father and mother?

Join Laney and Nate as necessity moves them beyond their pasts with hope for a future—until it all catches up with them and threatens everything they’ve attempted to build together.

A Match for Ruth

A Match for Ruth

Marianne's Mail Order Brides, Book 13

Ruth Trafton is ready for romance, but Charlie Gardner, her childhood sweetheart, is pulling away.

Ruth is tired of seeing all the gorgeous, starry-eyed females relocating to Colorado and snatching up all the local fellows. She assumed Charlie Gardner, had his romantic sights set on her; but no, the mysterious love bug lured him into joining the ranks of daring souls that trusted their hearts to fate. When Gabe Finsbury shows an interest in Ruth, love becomes a tangled web and a dangerous game, unleashing a sequence of events that will tie up the loose ends for the Trafton family in Denver, Colorado.

Charlie Gardner and his father have lived alone on the farm for twenty years, but when crops fail and disease takes most of the herd, the men find themselves in dire straits. To avoid foreclosure, Zeke Gardner makes a deal with the wealthy Raven family, sending for a mail order bride for his son, Charlie. So begins the tale that will grow characters in patience, faith, and loyalties, prepared to embrace the Godly plan no one saw coming.

In Marlene Bierworth’s final contribution to this series, readers will enjoy reading the happily-ever-after romances of the remaining Trafton family members. And as a bonus, meet the man who validates Laney’s claim to kinship.

NOTE: Join Ruth in the ever-growing Trafton family happy-ever-after’s that readers have loved meeting in An Agent for Genevieve, A Match for Sarah, and A Match for Laney. Each are standalone titles but interact with characters introduced in earlier books.

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