Billionaires & Debutantes

Billionaires & Debutantes is a multi-author, contemporary Christian series. Each novella is a stand-alone romance, written for the purpose of entertainment and providing a spiritual challenge. Each couple will face obstacles while on the journey to their happily-ever-after, and will grow in character and faith as the love stories unfold.

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A Legacy for Bryan  

A disinherited playboy and a Christian missionary are headed for Africa—what could possibly go wrong? Amidst chaos, confusion, and accusation, can two disparate people find common ground? Only a love strong enough to draw all men willing to bend their knees can see them through.

Bryan Charter IV was supposed to be living in the lap of luxury with an inheritance in the billions, not winging toward a third-world country where he will confront poverty beyond his comprehension.

Having responded to a dying man’s final request, Katelyn Simms takes on the challenge of helping the spoiled playboy find purpose beyond pleasure in his new existence. When the reading of the will commences, she summons strength from within to see herself through this new merry-go-round quest.

Can determination and a tenacious spirit see them to the end of their journey?

Tag along with this estranged duo as they travel from New York to Nairobi and back to South Carolina in this heartwarming story of awakening faith, hope, and love.


©2018 Marlene Bierworth at Heartwarming Romance 
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