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Billionaires & Debutantes

This series is not intended to promote materialism but embrace the popular and growing billionaire trope in the book market today. Unique to Billionaires & Debutantes, is the fact that the stories are filled with Christian themes. God does bless His people financially and He does want us to enjoy abundance—as long as He remains Lord of all.

There are many things we can take away from this type of storyline, whether rich or poor. None are immune to struggles and we all carry some kind of burden. With great wealth comes great responsibility, which opens a lot of possibilities for themes in this gender. It also provides a wider range as to where and what the characters in a book can do unhindered by financial restrictions. And lastly, it allows all of us to dream big as we walk alongside fictional characters in their adventures, heartbreaks, and happy-ever-after romances.

With ideas flowing, the authors writing in this series hope you’ll find it an exciting and fun path to explore. Thank you for taking this journey with us. May the Lord bless you abundantly in all areas. At the same time, like the Apostle Paul wrote, may we be content in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. Most of all, may we never lose sight of Jesus.

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A Legacy for Bryan  

Book 2

A disinherited playboy and a Christian missionary are headed for Africa—what could possibly go wrong? Amidst chaos, confusion, and accusation, can two disparate people find common ground? Only a love strong enough to draw all men willing to bend their knees can see them through.

Bryan Charter IV was supposed to be living in the lap of luxury with an inheritance in the billions, not winging toward a third-world country where he will confront poverty beyond his comprehension.

Having responded to a dying man’s final request, Katelyn Simms takes on the challenge of helping the spoiled playboy find purpose beyond pleasure in his new existence. When the reading of the will commences, she summons strength from within to see herself through this new merry-go-round quest.

Can determination and a tenacious spirit see them to the end of their journey?

Tag along with this estranged duo as they travel from New York to Nairobi and back to South Carolina in this heartwarming story of awakening faith, hope, and love.

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A Legacy for Jayson

Book 7

A Legacy for Jayson introduces the first illegitimate son to the family, increasing the numbers of those left behind to receive an inheritance by the recently deceased billionaire, Bryan Charter III.

Jayson Ashton is independent and financially comfortable, living on a doctor’s wage, and is not interested in upgrading his status to billionaire, especially if it means meeting the will’s condition of finding a wife.

Shelby Rauch works in the same hospital as Jayson, and she comes alongside as a friend when an unexpected tragedy strikes the doctor’s doorstep. Neither are prepared for the rollercoaster ride on which their relationship takes them while they settle the ghosts of the past and present impeding the possibility of a future together.

Join Jayson and Shelby in this contemporary Christian romance. Cheer the couple on to victory as they travel to Africa and back home to South Carolina, looking for answers that will unlock the past and usher in newfound love and peace.


NOTE: This book carries themes of grief at losing a loved one and abuse. There is no graphic content included, but it does explore the struggle in overcoming.

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