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Westward Home & Hearts Series

If you like mail order bride historical sweet romance, you will love these books with Mildred Crenshaw at the helm, matching couples in the Wild West. 

Shep needs a wife to help him forget what he left behind, and when he hears of Mildred Crenshaw’s traveling through his town, he engages her services. The Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency’s excellent reputation in finding suitable matches of good moral character is widespread, and offers courage to the lonely man who hopes to start anew.

After failing to rebuild the family farm from the devastation of the Civil War, Skylar last family member is put to rest and she is ready to finally live her frontier dream. She answers Shep Holiday’s letter for a mail-order bride to satisfy a longing for adventure, embarking on a journey amid the chaotic gold rush in South Dakota.

Skylar has no idea that a Christmas encounter looms in their future and threatens everything the newlyweds have carefully set into place. Will the Sheriff’s past serve to destroy the couple, or is the Creator of the Stars setting them up for a future they never dreamed possible? Find out in this faith-filled, Christmas romance, as a child once again brings peace to troubled hearts.

Slate is lonely, yearning for a family of his own. When Mildred Crenshaw arrives in South Dakota to visit Shep and Skylar Holiday, Slate secures her services to find him a mail order bride.

Gracie is in trouble, running from a blemished past with hopes for a fresh start. Too late she realizes that donning a respectable dress and imitating an honorable class of people, does not provide sufficient power to transform her tainted soul. She has grown a conscience, and after the first misunderstanding with her new husband, decides he is better off without her.

Will Gracie run again, and if she did, would Slate follow her after what he had seen?

Join Slate and Gracie as they become the Westward Home and Hearts Agency’s second lonely heart match in the town of Blazer, destined to find love on the western frontier. In a place where gold fever runs rampant and true treasure is hard to find, can peace, joy, and love reign victorious over greed and debauchery?

Provided with funds to escape her tarnished existence, and instructions that her benefactor waits for her at the end of her stagecoach ride, Ava packs to leave Dodge City. The trouble is, she is not ready to become a mail-order bride and decides, instead, to flee to the safety of her cousin Gracie’s home.

Upon her arrival, Ava is bombarded with gifts from a secret admirer, and Orson Shilling, one of her stagecoach companions, befriends her to help solve the identity of her devotee. Deceit, secrets, and unresolved pasts spin a tangled web that even love and kindness cannot unravel. What will it take for Blazer’s newest couple to find their happily ever after?

Mildred Crenshaw, from the Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency, agrees to an unusual method of pairing in this complicated love match, with hopes of liberating two lost souls. Join Ava and Orson as they traverse an unexpected path, falling prey to the potholes of broken memories to answer questions concerning honor and disgrace.

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