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Double Trouble

The Double Trouble series asks the age old question: What happens when not one but TWO mail order brides arrive?

Find out in this multi-author series!
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Isaiah's Brides
Book 3

Katherine Fairchild—known as Kitty to those who frequent the saloon—has a plan to hoodwink the only man who has shown her kindness. She is determined to start a new life at any cost. Meanwhile, Isaiah Brechan, is nervous about his mail-order bride, Loretta Simms, due to arrive on the stagecoach.

On the eve of his wedding, established plans topple into bedlam. The circumstances put the two women and the sought-after man at odds. Shamus, the initiator, peacemaker, and groom’s friend, finds himself in the middle. And when Loretta’s past finds her, a new man is thrown into the mix.

Secrets, loyalties, compassion, God's faithfulness, and a strange twist of fate rule romance in this historical fun and heartwarming tale of love gone bonkers.
Benjamins Brides_Double trouble series
Benjamin's Brides
Book 11

Benjamin Slater has been a good brother, raising his younger siblings after his parent’s death. Now, at the age of thirty-five, the family plots to find him a wife. While working in the hills, Ben meets a battered Leona Baron, and offers her a job on his ranch, only to arrive home and find a mail-order bride awaiting him.

The widow, Lea, is relieved to be rid of her husband who made her life miserable. She realizes she is ill-equipped to survive the coming winter alone and agrees to follow Ben home, both feeling an attraction they cannot deny.

Rose-Ann Grainfield comes from old money. She answers the mail-order bride ad to marry a cowboy—at least that is what she claims. Is there a sinister plan in the works? The spoiled woman will need to grow in character and integrity to win Ben’s hand in marriage against her cowgirl rival, Lea.

When Devon, the prodigal son returns to the Slater Ranch, plans are foiled, love is rekindled, and loyalties are put to the test. Join in this heartwarming adventure, where broken and trapped hearts search to find their happily ever afters.
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