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Goodbye 2023: Books to Read

I published ten books this year. What a great way to see the old year out.

Seven are historical, one is contemporary, and two are cozy mysteries.

I love historical romance genre. It is my favorite. I will be the first to say, it will not read like factual, non-fiction. I am heavy on developing character and plot in a story, but prefer to write the tale in western settings of long ago.

A Chance for Rebecca and A Chance for Fran end my contributions to the Last Chance Brides series. I have loved developing family and friends of my own within the community where other characters from other authors live.

Jonah's Jailer and Abram's Absolution are 2 historical books that come out of the "Hers to Redeem" series. The women characters who come alongside Jonah and Abram are strong enough to pull them out of their pits of self-destruction.

There are 3 historical titles remaining, all from different multi-author projects.

Love the Mini Matchmaker series, with Hollie at the helm of matching potential couples. This is my personal series (a total of 5 so far) who are pioneering Oregon City.

Check out Cherise's Match and 4 others in the series here:

The middle picture is from the Double Trouble series, that has two women interested in marrying one man. What man can handle those options without some drama?

Check out Isaiah's Brides

And then comes the Mail Order Papa multi-author series. A Rancher for Jessica carries on a new love story at the Miller Ranch of second chances that strangely interlock the past with the present.

Check out A Rancher for Jessica (and if you want to go to the Mail Order Mama series you will meet Jessica in a Cowgirl for Curtis)

That only leaves us with my first attempt at cozy mysteries. They are contemporary, and the story revolves around a holiday. Not too many stories are written around the two holidays that I chose, so I hope you enjoy some fun with your cozy mystery.

Check out Paddy's Mission, a tale from St. Patrick's Day.

Check out Labor Day Tails and Troubles, a back to school adventure climaxing on the Labor Day weekend.

Lots of fun and small-town mystery here.

And now, my Christmas contribution to the Ornamental Match Maker series. I have an inside series happening within the bigger series. World Destinations has taken the reader on a trip to a castle and to a seaside inn. Christmas at the Cabin will bring you to Alaska. I went there on a cruise and 4 day land tour and could not resist writing a love story in the last frontier.

So, that's a snapshot of my titles this year. Click on the links if you want to investigate any of them further. I've enjoyed writing books for you all to read. So happy to have you here checking them out. Something for everyone's taste in my 2023 grouping.

I sure hope you accomplished some of your goals in 2023. If not, don't stress it; just carry it over to next years list. Life happens, and often interrupts our best laid plans.

Signing out for now. I am busy organizing my schedule for 2024.

My goal is to bring you more great books to read.

Hugs, Marlene,

from Heartwarming Romance

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