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The Countdown to Courtship: Blog 2

Six months to go before Release Day! Are you ready for the best deal of 2024?

I wanted to prepare you for the upcoming boxset—Once Upon a Courtship—and build excitement in what I know to be a spectacular offer.

Did you read the blog I posted in November of 2023 when the preorder went live? Be sure to click on that (here on my website) to refresh yourself as to the initial overview.

SO much has happened since last fall, so watch for upcoming blogs that will further inform and inspire readers as we lead up to our release.

On October 22nd/24, the entire collection of 12, newly written, sweet, historical romances will be delivered to you from your favorite platform.

That IS if you have preordered this .99 cent deal.

Everyone is fired up about the deal - including Godzilla.

The title 'ONCE UPON A COURTSHIP' conjures up all kinds of images in my mind.

Once Upon a time—I love that ‘fairy tale’ start to so many classics. The contributions to the collection we are offering, do not follow the path of traditional “fairy tales” that might come to mind, like the Disney princesses, BUT, they are sweet fiction AND they all have the coveted happily-ever-after ending characteristic of romance fairy tales. 

Courtship—is the next key word in the title. Who doesn’t love to watch couples navigate through the good and bad times, to eventually discover love is the key that binds them. In days gone by, 'courtship' was a familiar ritual experienced between a man and woman, something like being engaged today, but more strict. Our stories are historical, so you are invited to walk with our characters as they discover love in the midst of adventurous plots.

Once Upon a Courtship: A Sweet Historical Romance Collection

A Limited-Time Collection of 12 NEW books from 12 beloved Christian authors spanning rustic landscapes, elegant ballrooms, rugged cowboys, enigmatic spies, and daring pirates! Delight your romantic heart with Colonial, Regency, Victorian, Western, and Gilded Age Romance and preorder your copy today!

The boxset includes a great diversity of historical romance for readers to enjoy.

All for the low price of $0.99 cents! GET IT HERE!

Which one is your favorite?  Colonial—Regency—Victorian—Western—Gilded Age?

Which setting makes you swoon? Elegant ballrooms—rustic landscapes?

Which character-type inspires your romantic heart? Rugged cowboys—enigmatic spies—daring pirates?

GOOD NEWS: You can read them ALL, while enjoying the masterful touch of twelve different author’s giftings. Every one of the books in this collection are worth far more than the low asking price of .99 cents for the entire boxset. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone who loves historical, sweet romance would not jump at a 12-book offer (1$ due in 6 months) of new titles, written by 12 outstanding Christian authors. Can you?


I am partial to the western category, (mostly because that's what I write) BUT have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these 11 authors and appreciate their expertise in the period and locations in which they write. I have been reading some books from their back list, and I freely recommend their work. You will enjoy the contributions from all these talented storytellers.

Did you remember that when you order the boxset you can then join our time-limited newsletter? If you do, you will receive one free book from our featured author of the month, and be offered a second if you sign up to her personal newsletter. A win-win offer. SO many books for only .99 cents. Order and join the newsletter early to enjoy our gifts to you.

REGINA SCOTT is April's featured author!

When you preorder Once Upon a Courtship, , sign up for our limited-time boxset newsletter here,, to receive a free book every month until release day!

So, today in this second blog, I have re-introduced the boxset and hopefully tweaked your interest. I will keep the future blogs short, as I know you are all eager to get back to reading your book in progress. Let me know if you picked up the “ONCE UPON A COURTSHIP” boxset—it will make my day extra special. And, you knowing that YOUR preorder is set in stone, the future blogs will be even more exciting as we anticipate its arrival in our inbox.

One more thing: the 12 authors are hoping to make the USA Today list but need a HEAP of support to get there. We are hoping and trusting the Lord that readers will do their small part to help in our success, then sit back and enjoy the many hours we have dedicated to this collection.

Each author has bathed their story and this boxset in prayer. We trust you will gain encouragement and be entertained by our contributions to your reading library. More about story details to come.

Watch for blog 3 coming soon. There I will introduce the authors, the individual book covers included in the collection, and blurbs. This is your prime stop for a behind the scenes overview of what’s coming your way.

Until then: May the God of peace shine His face down on you and give you rest.

Hugs from Marlene at Heartwarming Romance

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