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The goal of this author is:

To produce family rated content.

To entertain

To grow and inspire readers

To put feet to dreams!

To inspire fans of historical and contemporary sweet/christian romance.


About the Author

Thanks for checking out Heartwarming Romance. I write historical and contemporary clean/Christian romance to entertain readers and spread a sense of hope throughout the pages of a fictional setting. My characters like to provide twists and turns to keep the suspense humming and fight me tooth-and-nail to avoid the happily-ever-after endings. But when I sign-off on a manuscript, the couple will have conquered the obstacles and are ready to build a solid relationship.
I publish books in my own series and also with multiple author groups. You will find them all here, labeled on the heading above, and subtitled for easy access.
In my personal life, I have raised two children, and they, five of my grandchildren. My first great granddaughter was introduced to the family in March/21. I am married to my teenage sweetheart 50 years in 2021. I enjoy traveling, socializing, reading, music and maximizing my daily life grounded in Christian faith.
Lots of great memories to cherish, a full life that since 2014, has managed to fill my imagination with fictional characters that need straightened out. Character growth is just as important in a book as it is in real life. It's the source of maturity, so that we will bring glory to God through every day. In my case, through the written word.
I hope you will subscribe so we can stay in touch and get to know one another better. Being an author is a solitary life so connections with you folks are the highlights of my day.
Take care and God bless. 
Marlene at Heartwarming Romance. 

Life is an adventure waiting to be told and it is this writer's goal to help book lovers and blog readers experience it to the fullest. 



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