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The Belles of Wyoming


The Belles of Wyoming is a multi-author, Historical Christian series.

The Belles in this historical sweet romance live in Belle, Wyoming and these are their love stories. Multiple authors have added their unique styles and you will enjoy the world-building as the characters interact in the standalone adventures Join us as each couple will face obstacles while on the journey to their happily-ever-after, and will grow in character and faith as the love stories unfold.

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From Mourning to Joy

Book 25

The young widow, Janelle Rimes, has bitten off more than she can chew. Mid-winter finds her alone with little provisions and sick, with her frightened six year old son looking on. Bernie Drysdale drifts into Belle searching for a place to hold up for the rest of the winter. He is directed to the Rimes farm where he finds the family in dire straits.

Since her husband's death in the fall, Janelle has had her fill of deceitful men wanting to sponge off her dream. She is not prepared for Bernie's kindness or the awakening of new love. Davey, her son, idolizes the new man and she desperately needs help to survive the winter, so Janelle agrees to let him stay in the barn and feed him in exchange for work.

When the love-spurned Sam arrives on the scene, Bernie leaps into action, and any emotional baggage remaining from his childhood finds a home on a small farm outside Belle, Wyoming and in the heart of the Rimes family. But will Janelle's grieving and Bernie's drifting life-style stand in the way of their happily-ever-after?

Join Bernie, Janelle, and her son, Davey, in this heartwarming story of new beginnings. 

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