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The Blizzard Brides

Blizzard Brides is a multi-author, historical Christian series.

Welcome to Last Chance, Nebraska!

When the freak blizzard of 1878 kills most of the men in a small Nebraska town, what does it mean for the surviving women and children? Realizing they need to find men of honor to help rebuild, and at the prompting of the over-bearing preacher, the women place an advertisement in the Matrimonial Times.

Choosing a husband is more difficult than they thought, when there is an overwhelming response to the ad. Will these Blizzard Brides find the second chance at love in a town called Last Chance?

The Blizzard Brides is a multi-author historical, mail-order-groom, romance series. Each author will build a standalone story on the premise above—Love stories that will rip at your heart and leave you eager to read the next book.

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A Groom for Callie

A Groom for Callie, Book 12

Jilted at the altar, with no groom in sight, Callie Stratton is left with few options. Friends and family view her with contempt as if somehow the abandoned bride is to blame. Unable to bear the shame, Callie takes the only path open to her. Run!

Callie leaves Georgia for Last Chance Nebraska, as a mail-order bride to a marry a reputable successful businessman, James Frankford. After the speedy wedding in town, the bride is brought to a run-down farm only to discover her new husband is not the man he claims to be.

When the blizzard hits, and James does not return from the hunt, Callie is more relieved than heartbroken. Will she agree to wed yet another stranger—as Pastor Collins demands for decency sake—and join with the widows of Last Chance in their search for a mail-order groom?

Her only other choice is Gilbert Manning, the man who abandoned her at the altar in Georgia, who arrives in town hoping to win her back but is unwilling to share the secret that separates them.


A Groom for Vivian, Book 18
Coming June 22, 2021

Vivian Strickland is set to marry the future mayor of Louisville, Kentucky in the fall, and is not pleased with her father’s choice. She seeks independence to open a dress shop, and Casey, one the downstairs servants, has the urge to settle the frontier.

When Vivian persuades her father to allow her a visit her cousin, Gilbert Manning, and Casey sees the ad for widows needing grooms, coincide, both set their hearts on Last Chance, Nebraska.

Will Vivian and Casey have their dreams fulfilled in the new land, or will they return to Kentucky defeated to pick up their lives where they left off? Join the new couple to see if dreams become reality, or if two adventurers from different worlds can overcome their upbringing and find love with one another.