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Brides of Pelican Rapids is a multi-author, Historical Christian series.

Ella Milton runs the Brides of Pelican Rapids Agency, making great matches for her clientele. All couples will be interviewed at her home, and can stay in town or leave. From there, the writers in this multi- author series, will spin a standalone tale of love that will, no doubt, contain hardships and surprises as happily-ever-after unfolds.

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Blaire's Ambushed Heart
Book 11 
Ella Milton, the matchmaker at the Brides of Pelican Rapids Agency, has done it again –a match made in heaven—or so it seems.

Blaire finds the perfect man when she marries the handsome Doctor Frazer, the union allowing her to continue her nursing career in their hometown of Spalding Minnesota. Life couldn’t be better.

Lyle Frazer has a past, one he has not shared with his bride, and when it comes knocking on their door—on the evening of his wife’s exciting reveal—Blaire’s heart is ambushed and may never be restored to love again.
Will the abrupt end to their honeymoon, the sudden appearance of Blaire’s childhood sweetheart, and the mystery Lyle seems determined to solve to save their marriage, come too late?

Join the newlyweds in this historical romance, filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing if love will triumph in the end.
Vera's Vengeance Cover .jpg
Vera's Vengeance 
Book 14
Vera Clauson is headed for Pelican Rapids as a mail-order bride, but she does not have love or happy-ever-after on her mind. Determined to even the score for her younger sister’s heartbreak, Vera is out for vengeance and will do anything, even agree to change her name, to right the wrongs done to her family.

Armed and ready to uncover the truth, Vera is not prepared to fall for the man who left her sister penniless and crying. Chase Falcon enjoys the freedom his newfound money offers to expand his livery business, but has reoccurring nightmares of the unsuspecting maiden he’d swept off her feet and exploited to gain it.

Will the couple's past lay a foundation for retribution or build a bridge to a love that was never meant to be?

Pick up your copy of Vera’s Vengeance today--A mail-order bride romance--and discover the extent that forgiveness spans in changing hearts and redefining the meaning of love.
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