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What a way to close out 2023.  A Boxset for $0.99 cents

Once Upon a Courtship Boxset

Once Upon a Courtship: A Sweet Historical Romance Collection
A Limited-Time Collection of 12 books from 12 beloved Christian authors spanning rustic landscapes, elegant ballrooms, rugged cowboys, enigmatic spies, and daring pirates! Delight your romantic heart with Colonial, Regency, Victorian, Western, and Gilded Age Romance and preorder your copy today!

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Preorder from the website then sign up for the Boxset Newsletter and get a free book every month from one of the 12 authors. 

Heading 5

2023 titles:
1.Cherise, 2.Paddy, 3.Rebecca, 4.Jonah,  5.Christmas at the Cabin,
6.Labor Day Tails & Troubles,
7.Isaiah's Brides, 
8. A Rancher for Jessica 
9. A Chance for Fran 10. Abram's Absolution


Cherise's Match: Book 5 in the Mini Matchmaker series

Cherise Gracin yearns to leave Oregon City and find her way in the European world of art. Pierre Blanchet—the mail-order groom—is more than willing to accommodate her dream. Ben Jenkins has had his fill of traveling and returns home to find his school friend, Cherise, all grown up. He hadn’t planned on marriage straight off, but competition and love have a way of pushing up the agenda.

Things become complicated when the local man and the Parisian become rivals for Cherise's affection. It looks like Hollie and Rosemary, from Heartwarming Matches, might have made a mistake by introducing a union that will take the preacher’s daughter far from her homeland.

Three characters, as different as day and night, are attempting to fit square pegs into round holes, with little luck. Caught up in the middle of this diverse threesome, Cherise must choose between her childhood dreams or the stability of family and friends. When the candidates mess up and she disqualifies both of them from the matrimonial race, Cherise is forced to examine her heart and redefine her dream.

Join this heartwarming historical romance of faith, hope, and love, where despite trials and heartbreak, everyone will discover their perfect fit.

Book 5 in this series is a sweet, standalone romance, but the Mini Matchmaker series is better read in order, allowing the reader to become acquainted with the community as it grows and interacts with one another. Check out the entire series  HERE .
Paddy's Mission: Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries

Introducing Paddy, the runt of the litter, but big hearted and dedicated to his mission.

Unbeknownst to Fionn Graham, her financial troubles have come to her granddaughter Hannah’s attention. Will solutions come from the first-prize money for the bike contest, the kind neighbor, Mr. O’Malley, or will it be a lost treasure that sets her free?

The family heirloom is on the verge of being rediscovered by the least likely duo. Hannah, and her kitten, Paddy are on a mission to find the gem-studded cat leash before the troublesome leprechauns can steal it on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day.
Tales of the O’Toole Irish ancestry, St. Patrick’s legacy, and all the folklore attached to the holiday aid in the search of the gem-studded cat collar.

Join Grannie Graham, Mother Catsie, Hannah, Paddy, and their sidekick, Mr. O’Malley, as they experience not only the fun, nonsensical aspects of the holiday but learn that the love St. Patrick preached so many years ago is still alive and well in their midst.

This Saint Patrick’s Day cozy mystery is filled with lots of family fun adventures while discovering the things that matter in life. It’s told from Hannah and Paddy’s points of view, adding innocence and an original animal perspective. Grab your copy today before the holiday fairies gobble up all the copies.

Paddys Mission_Amazon standared Copy.jpg
A Chance for Rebecca

A Chance for Rebecca: Last Chance Brides

Rebecca is the perfect homemaker who loves children and all things honorable. Donovan puts down his stake in Last Chance by purchasing the saloon with plans of reopening it to the public.

When love grips Rebecca’s heart, it challenges every ideal she holds dear. Will she surrender to the new saloon owner who hopes to open a modern establishment, and will his compromise be enough to quench her misgivings? When Donovan’s shady past catches up to him and he is accused of a crime, Rebecca must make a choice to stand by her man or turn her back on love.

Love possesses the power to conquer any obstacles that stand in its way, and the new couple in Last Chance are about to discover just how deep loyalties run.

Journey with Donovan and Rebecca in this historical western romance. If you enjoy frontier adventures lived by strong, faith-filled characters, this romance is for you.

Hit the “Buy Now” button today, and enter into this small-town romance adventure to see the last of the original three adopted Sorenson sisters find her happily-ever-after. 


NOTE: Rebecca is the youngest adopted daughter of Frank and Betsy Sorenson from the original Blizzard Bride Series—A Groom for Betsy. All stories are standalone and available to read in KU.

Last Chance, Nebraska, in 1896 is a shadow of what it once was, but is steadily recovering despite the continuing drought, poverty, starvation and spinsterhood among the local women. Broken dreams are being replaced with hope for the future in response to the diversity of men arriving to resettle the struggling town.

Jonah's Jailer: Hers to Redeem

Jonah Whaler’s life never more compared to his father’s occupation of whaling than it did now. It seemed simpler to decay in the belly of his grief than venture into God’s plan and face life again. Kathryn Bigelow is a widow, her dream abandoned of family and home. She now works with orphans in Chicago.

As leader of the orphan train, Kathryn will need all the compassion and strength of character she can muster up to build a place called home for the four remaining children at the end of their route. When the pioneer farmer, Jonah, refuses to accept his obligation, only a death-bed promise, a tenacious woman, and the lure of innocence can set his feet on solid ground.

Jonah Whaler and Kathryn Bigelow invite you to join the adventure. Watch in awe as redemption leads the way for this fragmented “family” to run the marathon through a heartwarming tale of love, hope, and renewed faith.

About the Series: A hero in hiding. Hers to Redeem, features sweet romances, focusing on the redeeming power of love. The heroine finds a way to break through what causes her man to hide away. Most books will have a different reason that the man is reclusive, but the heroine and love find a way to break through and redeem him.
Jonah's Jailer final ebook cover .jpg
Christmas at the Cabin
Christmas at the Cabin: Ornamental Matchmaker Series

Ariana is on the rebound and Grayson is hiding at the cabin. World Destinations is hired to restore his rustic resort in Alaska. Will love be enough to save Christmas, and hit the right targets in the frozen north?

Mrs. Claus has her hands full with these two lonely hearts. Add a Christmas ornament from an unknown giver, which points to its counterpart, and you have a miracle in the making. The unexpected intervention is designed to heal Ariana’s heart and break Grayson’s isolation. Will it be enough?

Join the couple as they journey from personal devastation to a release of love no one is expecting to find. Download this sweet holiday romance today, or read on KU.

Labor Day Tails and Troubles: Holiday Pet-Sleuth Mysteries

A K9 dog named Lab, an amateur detective, back to school drama, and small-town adventures, offer second chances for family and romance. A heartwarming cozy mystery taking place during the Labor Day holiday for your reading entertainment.

Josie has a summer job working for the new K9 organization in her hometown. The team is launching a training experiment and assigned her a police dog named Lab. An unexpected opportunity to test out her chosen career before her graduation year is a dream come true. At the height of preparation for the back-to-school Labor Day Celebration, a mystery comes to town.

What began as a simple purse snatching evolves into major complications that small-town, Slyville never expected. When the snatching victim is revealed as the newly hired high school principal, and the thief from parts unknown stalks the woman, Josie and Lab are on the job. What they find hiding in the school will surprise readers, and add an unexpected twist.

Join our four-legged K-9 hero Lab, and Josie his wanna-be detective, Anna, a friend and future forensic scientist, and Officer Barns, in this delightful heartwarming cozy holiday mystery where love is kindled in lonely hearts, and tragedy turns into a miracle of compassion.
Isaiah's Brides - Double Trouble .jpg
Isaiah's Brides : Double Trouble series

Katherine Fairchild—known as Kitty to those who frequent the saloon—has a plan to hoodwink the only man who has shown her kindness. She is determined to start a new life at any cost. Meanwhile, Isaiah Brechan, is nervous about his mail-order bride, Loretta Simms, due to arrive on the stagecoach.

On the eve of his wedding, established plans topple into bedlam. The circumstances put the two women and the sought-after man at odds. Shamus, the initiator, peacemaker, and groom’s friend, finds himself in the middle. And when Loretta’s past finds her, a new man is thrown into the mix.

Secrets, loyalties, compassion, God's faithfulness, and a strange twist of fate rule romance in this historical fun and heartwarming tale of love gone bonkers.

Pick up your copy today, and enjoy seeing which bride Isaiah will end up with.
A Rancher for Jessica: Mail Order Papa series

Cunning men bent on exploiting small land owners, drive Samuel Parker from his homestead with the law on his heals. By the time he arrives at the Miller spread, he is ready for a fresh start, and the idea of responding to the ‘mail order papa’ advertisement—written by a young lad around the same age as the brother he’d buried—appeals to him.

How was Sam to know that Jessica Carrington—now Miller—was singled out as his intended? If she knew Sam’s past, he would have no hope in winning her affections, but by using the anonymous approach, which the youngster in charge of the matchmaking instructed, perhaps his happy ever after was a possibility.

Jessica is still reeling from Curtis’ sudden death and not interested in replacing him despite her step-son’s persistence. Can second chance love prevail against the new ranch hands deception? Return to the Miller Ranch and rediscover the fire of love that burns deeply within troubled souls.

A Rancher for Jessica (Mail order papa series) .jpg
A Chance for Fran_Standard cover.jpg
A Chance for Fran: Last Chance Brides

Fran has watched the Sorenson girls marry, and now it is her turn. Her second chance at romance comes in the person of Marcus, the mountain man, bartender, and bouncer at the Gentleman’s Corner.


Secrets and twisted loyalties plague the man, preventing him from reaching out to the woman he feels attracted to, and Fran is determined to unravel the mystery of his routine departures from Last Chance.


The inevitable showdown between rivals will be the hardest encounter Marcus has ever lived through, if, that is, he manages to come out alive.


Hit the “Buy Now” button today to enter this historical, small-town, romance adventure that reaches out to encompass two unsuspecting characters and provide them with their happily-ever-after.



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