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Family in Oregon (Mini Matchmaker Series: Book2)
A Family in Oregon: Mini Matchmaker Series Book 2
Tariana and Jamie are married and excited about leaving on The Maiden Voyageur for a week-long leisure honeymoon cruise. All goes well until the couple spend a day in Portland before turning around to head home. While there, they witness a gun fight and can’t wait to leave the unruly city behind. When underway, they encounter a freak storm, and in the chaos find a young stowaway onboard.

Hollie Brown is a colorful character, choosing to conceal the hurts of her past with dramatic speech and romantic inclinations—all of which make her a loveable character and the perfect candidate to become Oregon’s youngest matchmaker.

Join Tariana and Jamie in this heartwarming family adventure as they endeavor to create a new definition for their lives and in the home they’d originally planned for two. Is there room in their hearts for the troubled orphan or should she be placed with more experienced parents?

Love, family, and compassion for the homeless will tug at your emotions as the Lord leads and directs these fictional characters in this second historical romance contribution that will launch the Mini Matchmaker coupling from here on in.

Book 2 in this series is a bridge; a chance encounter between the newlyweds, Tariana and Jamie from book 1, Obsessed in Oregon, and the soon-to-be instigator of Heartwarming Matches: A Mini Matchmaker Agency—the youngest undercover business in Oregon City.
Caroline's Match: Book 3 in the Mini Matchmaker series

When Hal Dinsdale reads the final birthday letter penned by his deceased wife, its contents and interference from the new mail order bride agency in Oregon City, will force him to set aside his mourning. His daughter, Rosemary, and her new best friend, Hollie, are on the job, scanning candidates for a possible match.
Caroline Fletcher, widowed and yearning to find love a second time, is drawn to the idea of finding romance west of the Rocky Mountains.

Things get complicated when the jealous Mrs. Terrance, who turns out to be Caroline’s estranged sister, gets involved with the matching. And when Hollie’s shady past catches up to her, the plot thickens, threatening to destroy everything the orphan girl holds near and dear to her heart.

Join Caroline and Hal in the first romance arranged by the new matrimonial agency, Heartwarming Matches. Will Hollie wish she’d never come up with the crazy matchmaking idea that has turned sour with the potential to ruin her most treasured gift of friendship? 

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Edith's Match: Mini Matchmaker series: Book 4


Edith is desperate for a second chance and Drew is ready to answer the call as a mail order groom to meet his first love.

When Drew Brenan arrives in Oregon City, the lifelong bachelor appears ready to take on the widow Terrance, not realizing how the depths of her hurtful past will affect their happy-ever-after. Being inexperienced in love and set in his ways, Drew strives to find a middle ground to park their emotional baggage.

Is it too much to ask of this odd coupling, who are past their prime, to begin again? You will find yourself rooting for Edith and Drew in their emotional journey as they struggle to lay claim to a chance for happiness.

This is a reflective story of growth, forgiveness, healing of the past, and hope for the future. Much effort will be required to break free of deep-seated behavior and exchange the old for the new.

Book 4 in this series introduces Heartwarming Matches Agency’s first mail-order groom undertaking, and if that isn’t difficult enough, Hollie has matched him with the troublesome widow, Edith Terrance.

All books are standalone, but better enjoyed when the reader is invested in the growing community.


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