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Family in Oregon (Mini Matchmaker Series: Book2)
A Family in Oregon: Mini Matchmaker Series Book 2
Tariana and Jamie are married and excited about leaving on The Maiden Voyageur for a week-long leisure honeymoon cruise. All goes well until the couple spend a day in Portland before turning around to head home. While there, they witness a gun fight and can’t wait to leave the unruly city behind. When underway, they encounter a freak storm, and in the chaos find a young stowaway onboard.

Hollie Brown is a colorful character, choosing to conceal the hurts of her past with dramatic speech and romantic inclinations—all of which make her a loveable character and the perfect candidate to become Oregon’s youngest matchmaker.

Join Tariana and Jamie in this heartwarming family adventure as they endeavor to create a new definition for their lives and in the home they’d originally planned for two. Is there room in their hearts for the troubled orphan or should she be placed with more experienced parents?

Love, family, and compassion for the homeless will tug at your emotions as the Lord leads and directs these fictional characters in this second historical romance contribution that will launch the Mini Matchmaker coupling from here on in.

Book 2 in this series is a bridge; a chance encounter between the newlyweds, Tariana and Jamie from book 1, Obsessed in Oregon, and the soon-to-be instigator of Heartwarming Matches: A Mini Matchmaker Agency—the youngest undercover business in Oregon City.
Skylar's Christmas Star: Westward Home & Hearts series

Shep needs a wife to help him forget what he left behind, and when he hears of Mildred Crenshaw’s traveling through his town, he engages her services. The Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency’s excellent reputation in finding suitable matches of good moral character is widespread, and offers courage to the lonely man who hopes to start anew.

After failing to rebuild the family farm from the devastation of the Civil War, Skylar last family member is put to rest and she is ready to finally live her frontier dream. She answers Shep Holiday’s letter for a mail-order bride to satisfy a longing for adventure, embarking on a journey amid the chaotic gold rush in South Dakota.

Skylar has no idea that a Christmas encounter looms in their future and threatens everything the newlyweds have carefully set into place. Will the Sheriff’s past serve to destroy the couple, or is the Creator of the Stars setting them up for a future they never dreamed possible? Find out in this faith-filled, Christmas romance, as a child once again brings peace to troubled hearts.

Skylar's Christmas Star
Holly's Hallmark BROAD STREET BIERWORTH .jpg

Holly's Hallmark: Broad Street Boarding House: Book 11


When Holly Christenson’s husband is killed on his family’s farmstead, his siblings—especially the second eldest who is now in control—heartlessly casts her from their midst. 


She takes a train to Denver and moves into the Broad Street Boarding House. With help from the Cartwright sisters and Cane, an obliging gentleman next door, she lands a teaching job.


The holidays are upon them, and while helping Cane Givens at the Mission House and overseeing the Christmas play, sparks fly between the young couple. 


A mysterious and unwelcome visit from her brother-in-law, Trip Christenson, and his reluctance to leave Denver is unsettling and suspicious. Join Holly, Cane, and the Cartwright sisters as they attempt to unravel Trip’s motivation before someone gets killed. 


Holly’s Hallmark is a tribute to those special qualities that others see in us. This is a story of forgiveness, redemption, a homeless mission house, and faith that God will have His way in bringing love and security to those who trust in Him.

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