A New Venture in the Ornamental Match Maker Series is Born: World Destinations

Christmas at the Castle
Christmas at the Castle: Ornamental Match Maker Book 37
An evil king with a scrooge mentality and a modern prince are interested in Briella Cassidy; both for different reasons.

Castle O’Shea and its unpopular monarchy are about to be investigated. Briella Cassidy arrives in Ireland, reopening old wounds with sufficient evidence to drive desperate leaders to do the unthinkable in this contemporary, suspense-filled, holiday romance adventure.

This standalone title ‘Christmas at the Castle’ celebrates victory over evil and love over hate. Briella’s goal is to bring peace and joy back to the kingdom, never expecting to fall in love with a prince. This is not your typical prince-and-me fairy tale, but the unexpected twist will have readers rooting for the young couple and the rebuilding of an oppressed kingdom.

Interventions from Mrs. Claus and Christmas miracles from on High, work together for the greater good to restore a broken past, inspire a nation, and usher two lonely hearts into their happy-ever-after. Christmas at the Castle will have readers on the edge of their seats to see the Christmas ornament confirm a legacy.

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Christmas at Seaside Inn: Book 38 in the Ornamental Match Maker series

Sheryl refuses to spend the Christmas holidays peering around every corner, hoping to avoid running into her ex and his new tart in small-town Pineville. Her boss, Clarinda Finley obliges by sending her on a job to Seaside Inn. A beach front property owner is having trouble drawing in customers, while other rentals close by are thriving. Her first glance at the establishment told Sheryl all she needed to know.

Circumstances have driven Chris to isolate himself from people and God, but Ichabod Chantry’s persistence to buy the rundown Inn triggers his competitive genes. He hires World Destinations to undo his neglect and swing some of the bookings from the more accommodating modern establishments to Seaside Inn.

Where is the line drawn between historical appeal and modernization? Keeping Chris Madden satisfied will take all the patience Sheryl can offer.

Mrs. Claus has her hands full with these two lonely hearts; Can a Christmas ornament bring together an extravert on love’s rebound, and an introvert who runs from relationships together? Join the couple as they journey through a gripping unresolved past, with sprinkles of magical dreams leading the way to a lost treasure and revealing a surprise no one expects.

Christmas at Seaside Inn
A Chance for Esther

A Chance for Esther: Last Chance Brides Book 4


What if you discovered the man running for sheriff was also working the wrong side of the law? And what if that man was your intended husband.

Last Chance in 1895 is a shadow of what it once was, filled with too many women competing for the few men left to save them from poverty, starvation, and spinsterhood. Closed businesses and broken dreams rule the day, drawing a diversity of men to the struggling town; men on both sides of the law.

Esther Sorenson has returned from Colorado, abandoning her fight to save women from male domination, only to find her hometown wallowing in depression and in need of fresh inspiration. She chooses to support Duke Granger for sheriff in the election, only to fall in love with the man who harbors dangerous secrets.

Will Esther compromise her loyalties, and will demanding the truth bring an end to her dreams of happy ever after? When trouble visits their cozy, peaceful town, it will test the couple’s commitment to one another and risk their place of trust in the community.

Love, hope, and faith will be challenged as Esther and Duke endeavor to find a new and trusted place to call home among the oppressed inhabitants of Last Chance, Nebraska.

If you enjoy conflict in a frontier, small-town setting, where strength is found in the staying-power of dedicated citizens, hit the Buy Now button today, and enter into Esther and Duke’s small-town romance.


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