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Welcome to 2024.  A Boxset for $0.99 cents

Once Upon a Courtship Boxset

Once Upon a Courtship: A Sweet Historical Romance Collection
A Limited-Time Collection of 12 books from 12 beloved Christian authors spanning rustic landscapes, elegant ballrooms, rugged cowboys, enigmatic spies, and daring pirates! Delight your romantic heart with Colonial, Regency, Victorian, Western, and Gilded Age Romance and preorder your copy today!

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Clara's Compassion is Marlene's contribution to the boxset: 


This is a faith-based, historical western; a heartwarming and suspense-filled adventure in courtship, love, and compassion.

Enjoy the journey as Clara and Graham seek to find a common ground to call home.

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   2023 Titles:


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Benjamins Brides_Double trouble series .jpg
Benjamin's Brides: Book 11 in the Double Trouble series
Benjamin Slater has been a good brother, raising his younger siblings after his parent’s death. Now at age thirty-five, the family plot to find him a wife. Unbeknown to them, while he is on a round-up, Ben meets Lea Baron in the hills, and brings her home to work on the ranch.

The widow, Lea, is relieved to be rid of the man who made her life miserable. She realizes she is ill-equipped to survive alone, and agrees to follow Ben home, both feeling an attraction they cannot deny.

Rose-Ann Grainfield comes from old money and answers the mail order bride ad, to marry a cowboy—leastways, that is what she claims—but is there a sinister plan in the works? The spoiled woman will need to grow in character and integrity to win Ben’s hand in marriage against her cowgirl rival, Lea.

When the prodigal son, Devon, returns to the Slater ranch, plans are foiled, love rekindled, and loyalties put to test. Join the heartwarming adventure where broken and trapped hearts search to find their happy ever after.

Pick up your copy today, and enjoy seeing which bride Benjamin will end up with.

Granny's Match for Christy: Grandmother's Know Best series
The Civil War is over and Christy returns to her Tennessee home, her family eager to rebuild their lives. Mama wants to give birth to baby number nine at the homestead located in the foothills of Cyrus Mountain.

Granny loves her grandchildren, but is determined to give Christy a gently shove from the nest, and undertakes the mission to see the eldest married. The eager matchmaker finds her career-minded granddaughter a position as a care giver for Lewis Case, an injured neighbor. Martin, the patient’s brother, creates a complication for Granny’s schemes and keeps the contenders alternating to win Christy’s divided heart.

Does Granny know best? When do good intentions become meddlesome?

Come along as Granny and Christy give the two Case brothers, Lewi
s and Martin, a merry chase. Enjoy this family adventure; a historical, western, Christian romance with Granny at the helm.
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Ava’s Admirer Westward Home & Hearts .jpg
Ava's Admirer: Westward Home & Hearts Mail-Order Bride series

Provided with funds to escape her tarnished existence, and instructions that her benefactor waits for her at the end of her stagecoach ride, Ava packs to leave Dodge City. The trouble is, she is not ready to become a mail-order bride and decides, instead, to flee to the safety of her cousin Gracie’s home.

Upon her arrival, Ava is bombarded with gifts from a secret admirer, and Orson Shilling, one of her stagecoach companions, befriends her to help solve the identity of her devotee. Deceit, secrets, and unresolved pasts spin a tangled web that even love and kindness cannot unravel. What will it take for Blazer’s newest couple to find their happily ever after?

Mildred Crenshaw, from the Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency, agrees to an unusual method of pairing in this complicated love match, with hopes of liberating two lost souls. Join Ava and Orson as they traverse an unexpected path, falling prey to the potholes of broken memories to answer questions concerning honor and disgrace.

This is a historical, sweet Christian, Western romance you will not want to miss. Return to Blazer, South Dakota, today and meet up with the old gang: Skylar and Shep Holiday, Gracie and Slate Yagger, and their growing families.

Finding our Forever: Weary Hearts & Wounded Spirits 

Laura Taylor has been wounded. Falling in love with a thief was not her father’s idea of a future for his daughter, even less so when she is drawn into the gang’s plan to rob the stagecoach. The solution: send her off as a mail-order bride while her first love, Earl, rots in prison.

Charles Evans is weary. His wife has died under questionable circumstances he can’t bring to memory. His family blames him, and his friends shun him. The solution: send for a mail-order bride to lighten his load and mother his children while he drowns in a pool of grief.

When Earl Cooper shows up at the Evans ranch unexpectedly, secrets work to destroy the thin thread tying the newlyweds together.

Grab this historical sweet romance and be inspired to new heights as Charley and Laura attempt to salvage a marriage under the pressure of a past that neither of them has dealt with.
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