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A Legacy for Jayson, Book 7

A Legacy for Jayson introduces the first illegitimate son to the family, increasing the numbers of those left behind to receive an inheritance by the recently deceased billionaire, Bryan Charter III.

Jayson Ashton is independent and financially comfortable, living on a doctor’s wage, and is not interested in upgrading his status to billionaire, especially if it means meeting the will’s condition of finding a wife.

Shelby Rauch works in the same hospital as Jayson, and she comes alongside as a friend when an unexpected tragedy strikes the doctor’s doorstep. Neither are prepared for the rollercoaster ride on which their relationship takes them while they settle the ghosts of the past and present impeding the possibility of a future together.

Join Jayson and Shelby in this contemporary Christian romance. Cheer the couple on to victory as they travel to Africa and back home to South Carolina, looking for answers that will unlock the past and usher in newfound love and peace.
Mail Order Mama Series, Book 14

Jessica is running from the law, and Curtis, from life.

Becoming a mail-order bride to an ailing rancher in Texas seems like one way to inherit a home for Jessica Carrington, and provide an escape from the posse on her trail. However, she didn’t expect falling in love as part of the bargain.

Both Jessica and Curtis unknowingly fall prey to Danny’s desperate act of securing a mail-order mama, and sets in motion a tail-spin of events that will fuse the new family’s past, present and future.
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The Blizzard Brides, Book 18

Vivian Strickland is set to marry the future mayor of Louisville, Kentucky in the fall, and is not pleased with her father’s choice. She seeks independence to open a dress shop, and Casey, one the downstairs servants, has the urge to settle the frontier.

When Vivian persuades her father to allow her a visit her cousin, Gilbert Manning, and Casey sees the ad for widows needing grooms, coincide, both set their hearts on Last Chance, Nebraska.

Will Vivian and Casey have their dreams fulfilled in the new land, or will they return to Kentucky defeated to pick up their lives where they left off? Join the new couple to see if dreams become reality, or if two adventurers from different worlds can overcome their upbringing and find love with one another.

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