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A Match for Sarah - Marianne's Mail orde

Sarah is being groomed to replace her mother as head cook in the Cranston household, but she would like nothing more than to leave the stately Texas mansion and set up housekeeping in her own home. Nick Trafton has lost his bearings, abandoning the family farm and living the dangerous life of a bounty hunter.

After his sister, Genevieve, recruits help from Marianne’s new matchmaking service, a mail-order bride, Sarah, agrees to come, giving inspiration to Nick to dig in and try to become a worthy husband.

The newlyweds arrive on the Trafton homestead with visions of a fresh start, only to encounter deep-seated anger from the family and a man’s revenge that keeps the bounty hunter tied to his past. Will it all be too much for the couple to endure, even if Nick manages to survive the ordeal?

Join Sarah as her dreams are put to the test and Nick who is trapped in a life of his own making, as they attempt to find peace in a place called "home.”

Pick up this heartwarming romance, A Match for Sarah, today.
NOTE: For those readers who have been waiting for Nick (a minor character) from my Pinkerton story, (An Agent for Genevieve) to find romance; this is it. Nick and Sarah.


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March 5/21

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