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Solo Contributions in Multiple Author Projects.
All books are standalone, Sweet/Christian  Romance.

  A Liberating Love

Cover - A Liberating Love - Lighthouse s

Uncover a dark secret – Liberate a dishonored life – and join the strong-minded couple seeking to bring freedom to lives trapped within its deception.

Growing up under the stigma of ‘the little girl with the crazy mother’ is not easy. As a young woman, Bethany Forester resolves to get to the bottom of the family mystery, and sets in motion an investigation that leads to a trail of prisoners ensnared by the lie.

Spruce Hill’s deputy, Troy Spencer, comes alongside to assist Bethany, and when the adventure leads to romance, the couple are unwavering in their attempt to close the door to the past and open new possibilities for the future. The truth will set you free takes on new meaning, as light displaces darkness and love is released to hearts ready to receive.

If you enjoy a mystery, romance, lighthouses, and bonding with a growing logging community in 1870 Spruce Hill, Oregon, then this book is for you. Download today!

An Agent for Genevieve
An Agent for Genevieve jpg - Pinkertons

A woman, an agent, and a missing person case to investigate.

When Genevieve Trafton secures a job at the Pinkerton Detective Agency. the last thing she expects is a wedding ring on her finger. But the desire for adventure and the need to leave the farm, give her no choice. Trace Stapleton is an agent with two working wives in his past and is hesitant to become involved with a third. But Gen is everything the others were not, and when she pushes past his defenses, he is at a loss as to handle this independent, fiery spinster.

The Pinkerton assignment soon proves to involve more than simply locating a spoiled aristocrat. The adventure compounds into a well-planned scheme that will test the couples character and heart.

Join the investigation, and fall in love with another Pinkerton couple as they seek to untangle emotions and solve a case riddled with many surprises.

Download Today.

From Mourning to Joy 
2020 FROM MOURNING TO JOY e-book (1).jpg

The young widow, Janelle Rimes, has bitten off more than she can chew. Mid-winter finds her alone with little provisions and sick, with her frightened six year old son looking on. Bernie Drysdale drifts into Belle searching for a place to hold up for the rest of the winter. He is directed to the Rimes farm where he finds the family in dire straits.

Since her husband's death in the fall, Janelle has had her fill of deceitful men wanting to sponge off her dream. She is not prepared for Bernie's kindness or the awakening of new love. Davey, her son, idolizes the new man and she desperately needs help to survive the winter, so Janelle agrees to let him stay in the barn and feed him in exchange for work.

When the love-spurned Sam arrives on the scene, Bernie leaps into action, and any emotional baggage remaining from his childhood finds a home on a small farm outside Belle, Wyoming and in the heart of the Rimes family. But will Janelle's grieving and Bernie's drifting life-style stand in the way of their happily-ever-after?

Join Bernie, Janelle, and her son, Davey, in this heartwarming story of new beginnings. Download today.

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