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Welcome to Heartwarming Romance

Welcome to my site, where all writings boil down to what makes the world go around - love!

This is my husband of 47 years. We live in Canada during the summer, winter in Florida, and love to travel and see sights in between. We have two grown children, and five grandchildren - and it's true - the grand-babies are more fun and less responsibility.

How do you manage the different generations in your family?

My children have welcomed us to be involved in every part of their lives, and we so appreciate it. We can spoil as we please, give advice when appropriate, take them on trips, do projects together, and be a shoulder for them to cry on or an ear for them to vent. I feel so privileged to leave a legacy in another generation.

In the future you will see that all elements of family are important to me, not only in my real life blogging, but through the characters of my books. Life is a grand story, and my mind has a hard time keeping up with the fictional lives of all the families living in my head - their victories and their tragedies. My stories are inspirational and faith-based, for the King of Love reigns in my heart.

So, again welcome, and I hope you enjoy browsing my books and blogs as we continue this venture online. Feel free to comment or contact me anytime. Let's grow this community in the name of love.

Luv from Marlene

I have many ways you can connect with me online. Check it out!

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Hope to see you on the other side!

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