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Wall of Fame: Recapping 2022

2022 is drawing to close. At 5 a.m. the birds are chirping trying to outdo one another, the rooster is crowing waking up the neighborhood, and daylight is upon us. Getting up for the sunrise is a mighty early adventure. Do you do that often? I used to be an early riser but I must be getting lazy as I grow older. Now I like to front porch sit, sipping coffee and allowing the characters in my story to run wild in my head as they introduce their day to me.

I need to apologize for my lack of blogs in 2022—A source of media I struggle keeping up with but a necessary one as it belongs to me—to us—and no one can shut us down. So, I thank you for your subscription and your support of this author.

As the year draws to a close, I need to play catch up on this blog with my book releases, just in case you haven’t been checking in at Heartwarming Romance. ( I do keep the page updated.

JANUARY release: I reworked an old title from a closed series and published OBSESSED IN OREGON as the kick off romance for the upcoming mini matchmaker series. Tariana’s obsession gets her in all sorts of trouble as she covets her sister’s betrothed, Michael. Meanwhile, romance sits on the sidelines; but will she discover her folly too late? Join Tariana, Michael, and Jamie in this coming-of-age adventure, where twists and turns tear couples apart before they come face-to-face with God’s perfect match. The couple will adopt the future mini match maker in book 2 and have a love story of their own to tell. A great coming of age story you won’t want to miss and the introduction to a series that has everyone falling in love with your Hollie and her matchmaking.

A FAMILY IN OREGON introduces our mini matchmaker, Hollie. You will love this at sea rescue when the misled orphan meets up with Tarianna and Jamie Sackerton from book 1. Will newlyweds want to be saddled with an overactive, imaginative twelve-year-old? If you knew Hollie, you’d know the answer to that question.

FEBRUARY release: CAROLINE’S MATCH is book 3 in my Mini Matchmaker series—a bride for Hal Dinsdale and the first match Hollie and her best friend Rosemary hook up. Lots of fun with these young characters as they interact anonymously with the lonely hearts.

MARCH release: A MATCH FOR RUTH is my final contribution to Marianne’s Mail Order Bride series. She is the last girl in the Trafton family to find love. A surprise comes for Seth and Laney as well. Loved bringing these family adventures to readers.

APRIL release: I didn’t publish a new book, but I signed a contract to turn four of my books into audio. This is a new venture for me, so I hope all the book listeners will check them out when they go live.

MAY release: My first contribution to the Last Chance Brides came out. A CHANCE FOR ESTHER is the eldest adopted daughter of Betsy and Frank Sorenson in the Blizzard Brides series. She wants to change the world like her biblical namesake and finds a man to come alongside to help her rebuild the struggling town of Last Chance. The drought, depression, foreclosures, and in this book, rustlers looking to steal what little the ranchers have managed to keep alive.

JUNE release: Book 4 in the Mini Matchmaker series comes out. EDITH’S MATCH is a tricky one for the young Hollie in Heartwarming Matches. Drew arrives in Oregon City opening a bakery tempting the citizens with his delicious pastries, cakes, and breads while wooing the stubborn Edith Terrance. Lots of baggage to overcome in this romance. Is it too late for a couple in the prime of their life to find love?

Phew: Halfway through the year. Let's keep the list going!

JULY release: CHRISTMAS AT THE CASTLE is book # 37 in the Ornamental Match Maker series. It is a definite mystery, suspense filled, royalty-romance, adventure with a little fun added by Mrs. Claus. I loved introducing the ‘series within a series’ and I call it “World Destinations” because I will be continuing along this mystery-line in a number of other future books. Lovers of holiday romance will not be disappointed in the fight for the throne.

AUGUST release: GRACIE’S GOLD Book # 30 in the Westward Home & Hearts Mail-Order Brides series, and one readers have absolutely loved. Join Slate and Gracie as they become the Westward Home and Hearts Agency’s second lonely heart match in the town of Blazer, destined to find love on the western frontier. In a place where gold fever runs rampant and true treasure is hard to find, can peace, joy, and love reign victorious over greed and debauchery? This story will transport the reader to a place where a clouded identity becomes the Spirits’ hunting ground, as Creator God draws a sinner home. Walk this adventure with the new brave couple in Blazer, and rejoice in the Good News that redemption brings.

SEPTEMBER release: CHRISTMAS AT SEASIDE INN is book #38. I had so much fun at the castle, I couldn’t wait to write another. This mystery romance is set on an island at Seaside Inn. Mrs. Claus has her hands full with these two lonely hearts; Can a Christmas ornament bring together an extravert on love’s rebound, and an introvert who runs from relationships? Join the couple as they journey through a gripping unresolved past, with sprinkles of magical dreams leading the way to lost treasure, and revealing a surprise no one expects.

OCTOBER I took some time to kick back and get ready to leave Manitoulin Island and return home.

NOVEMBER release: A CHANCE FOR EVE is # 16 in the Last Chance Brides series. Eve is Esther’s sister, and it’s her turn for romance. The lure of a stranger with money to invest in Last Chance stands in Lucas Abrams’ way of securing his happy ever after. Eve is ready to find love, but will she have to settle for second best? From a stagecoach robbery to a kidnapping and heroic rescue; come and join the journey as two hearts seek to find their destiny.

NOVEMBER release: This month I combined all of my Heritage Inn romances found in the Ornamental Match Maker series and published THE HERITAGE INN COLLECTION: 5 HOLIDAY ROMANCES many readers have enjoyed; over 500 pages of great romance.

(1) Christmas Owls in July (2) A Family for Christmas (3) Christmas Hearts in July (4) A Fishy Christmas in July (5) The Christmas Dress

DECEMBER: I left Canada, and am settled into my Florida home for the winter. It is Christmas Day evening as I write this blog, and guess what? I saved the best news for last. My grandson has welcomed a new baby into his family making me a great grandmother for the second time. Today, we added wee “Paislee” to our family tree. The circle of life moves forward!

I hope you have enjoyed browsing the NEW BOOKS I’ve added to my wall of fame in 2022.

I slowed down this year. Last year I published 16 and found the schedule too crazy. I wonder if too many titles from me and other authors only serve to overwhelm readers and their kindles - hard to keep up with your favorite authors and series.

What about you? Do you like the slower pace some authors have settled into this year?

I want to keep this blog true to its purpose, catching you all up on what I’ve been doing. Be sure to follow the links and go to the sales page. You can read sample pages, the description, and the many reviews readers have posted. I love it when you all take those few minutes to drop a few words about your reaction to the story (not a spoiler) onto Amazon’s book pages to help those undecided if this is the choice they’d like to download. It also helps in the ranking keeping the book up in the top 100 for new readers to find.

Thanks for all you do to help keep my list at the top, and thanks for reading my books. It would be a useless endeavor for me to write for an uninterested audience.

Until next time; keep the faith, keep smiling, and keep reading.

Marlene from Dream Creations, signing out.

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Jan 03, 2023

How is your great grandbaby doing?


Dec 30, 2022

Happy New Year, Marlene. God bless you.

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