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The Countdown to Courtship: Blog 4 Featuring the final 6 authors

I hope you enjoyed reading the first 6 authors in my previous blog 3. Its so much fun getting to know these talented ladies. I feel privileged to be part of this group.

Let’s get straight to business and meet the gals and their book contributions to the

1)     Miss Spencer Meets Her Match by Multi-Award-winning Author Linore Rose Burkard

About the Book: Miss Spencer Meets Her Match

Miss Spencer attends a Cinderella Ball unwillingly, not knowing the “prince” is in disguise.

*** I absolutely love the Cinderella theme. So many twists and turns are available to bring to life this very romantic aura of happily-ever-after entertainment.

About the Author: Linore-Rose Burkard

 Linore Rose Burkard is a serious watcher of period films, a Janeite and hopeless romantic. An award-winning author best known for Inspirational Regency Romance, her first book with Harvest House (Before the Season Ends) opened the genre for the CBA. Linore is a magna cum laude English Lit. grad from CUNY, but now resides in Ohio with her husband and family, two cats, and a Shorkie. Active in church and in two monthly writers’ groups, (one of which she is president of.)

Linore loves to craft stories that fill a sweet spot for readers who, like herself, savor a happy ending. Influenced by Georgette Heyer, Linore's historical romances, steeped in Regency authenticity, provide the light-hearted, comedic effects that first sparked her love for the genre. Besides romance, Linore writes young adult apocalyptic suspense. (The Pulse Effex Series, as L.R. Burkard, her alter-ego!)


*** I almost met Linore last year, but her vacation plans were altered and we missed each other. In the blurb above, she never mentions that she is a puzzle-Queen. Have you seen the finished puzzles she posts online? Gorgeous! A nice winter pastime that unfortunately I have no patience for—all those wee pieces drive me bonkers. Lol

Any sports fans out there? Seems Linore comes out her shell at at Mets game. Here is what she says: “I’m generally low-key, but put in front of a Mets game and I’m a different person. My husband knows how the team is doing from the other side of the house! You can take the girl out of New York, but…”

LOL We have one of those twirling 'thing-a-miggers' that connect to the TV, and when our favorite hockey teams gets a goal, it sets off blaring and the entire house hears.

I say, "grace for sports fans is allowed!"


2)     Lissa and the Spy by USA Today Bestselling Author Camille Elliot

About the Book: Lissa and the Spy

Seeking a marriage of convenience, plain Lissa becomes entangled with enigmatic Lord Stoude and a secret mission for the Crown.

*** More spy adventures heading our way in this book by a super talented author. Add some royalty into the mix, and you’ve hooked me.

About the Author: Camille Elliot

Camy is a USA Today bestselling author who writes Christian Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense as Camy Tang and Christian Regency Romantic Suspense under her pen name, Camille Elliot. She grew up in Hawaii but now lives in northern California with her engineer husband and rambunctious dog.

She graduated from Stanford University in psychology with a focus on biology, and for nine years she worked as a biologist researcher. Then God guided her path in a completely different direction and now she’s writing full time, using her original psychology degree as she creates the characters in her novels. She was a staff worker for her church youth group for over 20 years and she currently plays on one of the Sunday worship teams. She also loves to knit, spin wool into yarn, and is learning Japanese.


*** Camy keeps us on our toes behind the scenes of the boxset, although each author has taken up a task to make this project happen. It’s a team effort.

Camy loves the Lord and has a wonderful ministry to believers and non-Christian Japanese women. So exciting that technology has provided multiple opportunities to share the Good News all around the world.


3)     Abiding Faith, Freedom’s Call by Multi-Award-Winning Author Louise M. Gouge

About the Book: Abiding Faith, Freedom’s Call

A pacifist Quaker widow and a prisoner of war officer risk their lives. Will the gap between peace and the American Revolution be a chasm too wide?

*** This sounds dangerous—a sit on the edge of your seat kind of book. Love it when characters make a difference in their world, and in doing so, have to close the gap that separates them to find true love.

About the Author: Louise M. Gouge

Louise M. Gouge was married to her beloved husband, David Gouge, for 54 years. He died in July 2019, and she misses him every day. They have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Louise attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, earning a BA in English/Creative Writing, and Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, earning a Master of Liberal Studies degree. Louise's novel, Ahab's Bride, Book One of Ahab's Legacy, (River Oak Publishing, 2004) was her master's thesis at Rollins College. Hannah Rose, Book Two of Ahab's Legacy, was released in 2005, and was the honored with the Inspirational Readers Choice Award.

Louise has published twenty-seven novels, fifteen of which were written for Harlequin's Love Inspired Historical Line. She has written about the American Revolution, Regency England, post-Civil War America, and America's Old West. Her twenty years of living in Colorado serve as an inspiration for many cowboy stories.

For sixteen and a half years, Louise taught as an adjunct professor of English and Humanities at Valencia Community College (now Valencia College) in Kissimmee, Florida. Having received her advanced education in middle age, she sought to inspire her younger students to complete their own education early. For her older students, Louise hoped her experiences proved that it is never too late for them to work toward their dreams. (Her first novel was published after she turned fifty!) In the classroom, she attempted to live out her Christian faith both in words and in action.

Now that she has retired from teaching, Louise spends her time writing Christian fiction, her primary occupation and labor of love. She also works as a freelance copyeditor.

Louise's favorite Bible verse is 'He shall choose our inheritance for us' (Psalm 47:4), a testimony to her belief that God has chosen a path for each believer. To seek that path and to trust His wisdom is to find the greatest happiness in life.

*** I had no idea this author lived in Kissimmee, FL. That’s not even an hour from my winter residence in Lakeland. I can see an author luncheon developing here. She did tell me an interesting tidbit about herself (from her younger years). In her words: “I sneaked backstage at a Beatles concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver. I had a friend who was a security guard, and he knew I would behave myself. Not being a screamer, I kept my cool as I stood withing two yards of the Fab-Four.”

How awesome was that! I told her that I WAS a screamer, and my daughter and I followed their clones—the Epic Beatles—all around the cruise ship wherever they were performing when we sailed last year. A die-hard fan!


4)     Jory’s Story by USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa M. Prysock

About the Book: Jory’s Story

When a spy and local adversaries descend, can a governess protect the duke’s children and her heart?

*** I am loving that spies, family, and romance go together here in this story. And I know anything that Lisa writes is well worth the time spent reading it.

About the Author: Lisa M. Prysock

Lisa M. Prysock is a USA Today Bestselling, Award-winning Author who writes both Christian Historical Romance and Christian Contemporary Romance books--"Romance with a Dash of Food, Fashion, Faith, & Fun." She writes both traditionally and Indie published novels.

Kentucky inspires her writing and is home. Happily married to her husband of 25+ years and empty nesters, they are gradually reclaiming the house after homeschooling two of their five children, grown. Lisa grew up in the Ohio Valley and spent her early childhood years in Wisconsin and Minnesota on a farm. "There were chickens, a cow named Daisy, horses, a huge vegetable garden, fishing, a tree house, and snowmobiles."

She won several prizes for a short chapter story and some poetry during her middle school years, purchasing a manual typewriter with some of her first babysitter earnings for plunking out stories. She went on to win the Lighthouse Award for her debut novel. A few of her favorite books include the "Little House on the Prairie" series, the "Anne of Green Gables" collection, the Jane Austen collection, C.S. Lewis books, "Jane Eyre," "War and Peace," and "Little Women."

Lisa writes romantic, sweet, wholesome, fun, adventurous, inspirational literature with humor and unexpected plot twists. Many of her books include mystery and suspense. She enjoys sharing her faith in Christ and encouraging others on their journey toward knowing Him through her writing. She believes people need and want to know how wonderful the Lord is and attributes her dream of writing coming true entirely to Him. Her theme verse is Acts 16:31, Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved--you and your household. She also adopted the slogan of "The Old-Fashioned Everything Girl" because of her love for all things Victorian, Regency, Jane Austen-ish, historical, and old-fashioned.

When she isn't writing, she likes to cross stitch, crochet, sew, scrapbook, sketch, swim, dance, take walks, travel, explore historical homes, garden, cook for her family, play the piano and violin, and read great books. Powered by coffee, tea, and chocolate, she also loves butterflies, Victorian houses with big front porches, hats, sundresses, espadrilles, boots, and flip-flops.

*** Lisa writes detail like no other—until you can smell the roses and feel the leather seats under you. Her organizational skills baffle me. An interesting thing I discovered about her was that she flips her schedule at will. One week she sleeps during the day and works all night, and the next, she is up with us all during the day. I could never sleep long enough in the day that my mind would not go groggy after the midnight hour. Also, if you have followed this gal’s posts, you will know she is an awesome mother, and has confessed that she was a screaming wrestling fan for her son. LOL That puts her in my league with screamers! Lisa has been an anchor for me, encouraging and supportive. Maybe someday we will actually meet face to face.



5)     Priscilla’s Promise by Award-Winning Author Teresa Slack

About the Book: Pricilla’s Promise

Priscilla Channing wants to honor her father by marrying the man he chose. But he’s not the same man, nor she, the same woman.

*** Such a dilemma to follow tradition and obedience or follow one’s heart. Sounds like a lot of drama and soul searching going on there.

About the Author: Teresa Slack


I love reading, writing, laughing, learning new things & falling in love. Creating clean and wholesome western romances where rugged cowboys sweep feisty, independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice. I write stories to entertain, edify & inspire from my home in southern Ohio home that I share with my husband Ralph, rescue dog & rescue cat.

I'm so excited to release my first ever historical western series, Willow Wood Brides. ***In appreciation, get a FREE BOOK exclusive, A PROMISE FOR JOSIE: A WILLOW WOOD BRIDES PREQUEL when you subscribe to my newsletter. Subscribers will be the first to learn of new releases, contests, & book promotions--from other authors too.

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Happy reading!!


*** Teresa is a new author for me. Isn’t it great that, especially with boxset collections, we can try out a new author with little to no risk. One more great reason for you to preorder, Once Upon a Courtship.



6)     The Gilding of Minnie Tucker by Multi-Award-Winning Author Marilyn Turk

About the Book: The Gilding of Millie Tucker

A Biltmore maid opens the wrong door and stumbles into a guest whose mutual attraction could be their doom.

*** Now that sounds like a very interesting encounter. A maid and a guest…Mm…they say first impressions are everything. I am wondering if doom will override the romance? Not likely—we do need a HEA.


About the Author: Marilyn Turk


Marilyn Turk's roots are in the coastal South, born and raised in Louisiana, now a Florida resident. An award-winning author, she calls herself a "literary archaeologist" because she loves to discover stories in history that her fictional characters can experience. A fascination for lighthouses spawned her popular weekly lighthouse blog, and inspired her to write Lighthouse Devotions. She has published 20 award-winning books and novellas. They include several World War II era books and a series set during and after the Civil War.

*** Interesting fact! Marilyn tells me she tried out for a performance waterski team when she was in college. However, she decided not to join it because they practiced and waterskied all year long. The day she tried out, it was sleeting. Even with a wetsuit on, it was miserable. She realized that day, she didn’t enjoy water skiing THAT much.

 Phew! Do you need a coffee after that?  

SO, there you have it. Between blog 3 and 4, you have been officially introduced to the 12 authors writing books in this sweet romance collection. I hope you enjoyed reading about our lives, interests, and books. Have you learned something new? Met a new author? Drop a comment if you like - we love connecting with our reading audience.

Marlene, from Heartwarming Romance, is bowing out now.

Have a blessed weekend and let love reign in your lives.

OH - I almost forgot. Have you picked up the preorder yet? $0 .99 cents for a limited time.

Grab it quick here: ONCE UPON A COURTSHIP



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