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Smells of Nature at Christmas

Happy December!

We have begun the countdown to Christmas - only 11 days to go - and I’m thinking trees. Hubby and I went to a tree farm the other day and just strolled through the trails of short and tall, fat and skinny greenery, while watching families search for the best tree to adorn their home for the holiday season.

Of course, we all wore masks and enjoyed the adventure, covid-style. But, even a mask, could not stop the smell of wet snowy pine from invading my senses.

Do you know why evergreen trees smell so fragrant—in your home or in a forest grove? They have a sharp odor, somehow sweet and refreshing. To get technical on you, Pinene (which has a piney odor) is a monoterpene. And a Limonene (which has a citrus odor) is also a monoterpene. The two distinct molecules, give coniferous trees their distinctive scent. Don’t you feeler smarter now?

The best fragrant trees are balsam fir—or any fir for that matter. Pines are fragrant, but a spruce tree—not so much.

Do you set up an artificial tree but still want the house to smell like a natural forest and Christmassy? Mix water with essential oils like cinnamon, apple or orange and spray it on your pine cones. (Did you know pine cones symbolize enlightenment?) Then, seal them in a plastic bag for at least 24 hours to fix the scent on the cone. Take them out to air-dry and let the perfume disperse into the rest of the room.

I loved learning that pine trees are cultural symbols all around the world. And historically, these trees have been used in folklore tales, as well as have special meanings to different cultures. Some suggest wisdom, fertility, and a good long life. It all sounds good to me.

As a writer, I was tempted to play a word game in my mind. How would you describe the festive pine tree? Dark, symmetrical, fragrant, rough, heavy, immense, some short others tall, some straight and others short, gnarled or towering.

You may have guessed that I love pine trees, especially at Christmas time.

I hope I have inspired you to take a walk in the forest with your family—or the one you love (always the romantic here. lol) Get back to nature and take a fresh look at the world that hasn’t changed during this pandemic—nature.

Trusting you will enjoy this festive season, despite restrictions that seek to eliminate normality from off our schedules. This is a year to be creative and discover the reason for the season—Jesus, and His glorious creation.

Until next time… Hugs from Marlene at Heartwarming Romance.

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