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New Series: Billionaires & Debutants

Africa is a continent full of contrasts with an enormous population—many of them desperately poor and needy. Not a likely place to find the next happily-ever-after romance, but I’ve placed the heroine of my book - A Legacy for Bryan - smack-dab in the middle of it.

Her Mission is to seek out new souls for the Kingdom of God and in the process see to their physical and emotional needs.

Katelyn is the founder of the Simms Foundation, a nurse by trade, who is also an heir to great wealth but chooses to use her talents and resources to accomplish God’s work in this third world country of Kenya. To me, one who avoids snakes and wild animals at all costs, this seems an awesome sacrifice, but to her, it is her mission—the fulfilment of God’s purpose in her life.

How about you? Are you the goer or the sender when it comes to mission’s work? Both are needed.

Many years ago, my hubby went to Nairobi—the location of my fiction romance book—to help build the big church in the city. Working alongside the Native-born Africans was an eye opener, one that left lasting footprints on his soul. His welding contribution had nothing to do with medicine, so I only mention it in passing, as an inspirational source for my decision to place the fictional setting of the book in Africa.

In my realm of fiction entertainment—that is sprinkled with the possibilities of real-life adventures—I can only hope that my hero, Bryan Charter IV, will also experience the necessary life-changing experiences in his life.

Katelyn Simms shows God’s love by meeting the practical needs of the people. She organizes teams to assist her and together they offer the poorest of the populace medical treatment. Not only does she open the doors to the clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, but teams often travel to the outback to reach those in need of physical and spiritual health.

I am super excited about this book – A LEGACY FOR BRYAN—which will introduce the number one son of Bryan Charter the Third, who has left conditions in his will for those who will inherit his fortune.

Bryan Charter IV is a spoiled party-animal, and if wants to claim his multi-billion-dollar legacy, he must submit to the specifications his deceased father has set forth in his last will and testament and who better to guide him through this character-building process but Katelyn. The couple forced together by circumstance are opposites in lifestyle and worldview. A coupling doomed for disaster.

But wait—did I mention that Katelyn is a woman of prayer? And we all know God loves to work outside the box we put him in. Keeps us from taking the credit He alone deserves.

Researching the Maasai tribe was interesting and I know their stately traditions are still important to the Natives even though the government is trying to modernize them.

This is the orinka (in the picture above). The Maasai use shields and spears and can throw an orinka—a club made of solid olivewood—up to seventy paces, which is approximately one-hundred meters, or three-hundred and thirty-eight feet in American measurements. They can hit their prey with deadly accuracy.

This is a Maasai warrior (in the picture above). Many can speak English, but also the Nilotic and Swahili languages as well. They are known worldwide for their unique culture and tribal dress and because of their close links to the national parks and reserves.

In my book, I also explore a man’s spiritual need—and Bryan, with his carefree lifestyle, will need to dig deep to address his inner needs. God uses visions and an out-of-the-comfort-box experience, to enable the young man to see beyond his selfish desires, enough to entertain the choice of whether to bow his knee to the Lord or not. A gigantic undertaking—but nothing is impossible for God—unless Bryan chooses to turn his back and go his own way.

We’ve all perched on the edge of that precipice in our life. I’d love to hear your story if you’d hit reply and share it with me.

So, I hope you will download —A LEGACY FOR BRYAN—available NOW as an eBook, softcover, or read in KU. PURCHASE HERE And Bryan is only the first of those who will fall under the conditions of the deceased billionaire’s will. Watch for Jayson, (the son no one knew about) coming in 2021.

Meanwhile, the new series—Billionaires and Debutantes—has launched with the first book in the multi-author Christian series by Lisa Prysock, and the second, by yours truly: Both ready to download now. Super excited!

Limited time offer at .99 cents each. Soon it will jump to the 2.99 reg. price.

When We Dance (Book 1 by Lisa Prysock)


A Legacy for Bryan (Book 2 by Marlene Bierworth) -

Both standalone titles.

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Have a blessed day and hope to hear from you soon.

Marlene, from Heartwarming Romance.

(Dream Creations: words of hope for nations)

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