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New Christmas in July Book Release

Join us at Heritage Inn, for another intervention from the North Pole in this who's who story of love, separation and healing. Jolene needs a vacation, and arrives only to find her father honeymooning with a woman she's never met. Craig and his distraught girlfriend are taking a well-earned time away. When the fashion queen, Sheki arrives, no one can stop the hands of time from colliding.

Mrs. Claus has her hands full, merging the past, present and future, in this box of surprises, and it's definitely not all neatly wrapped with red ribbons and a Christmas in July bow.

WOW - I can never get enough of Christmas - that's why I write July stories. This one is set at Heritage Inn and Resort and the matchmaker Mrs. Claus is up to her old tricks - with another two lonely hearts. In fact this book includes a number of lonely hearts that collide in this fun magical love story.

If you are new to the series, this is the general guidelines multiple authors use to write these amazing novellas for readers:

Mrs. Claus is all about spreading Christmas cheer — especially to the many lonely-hearts seeking friendship, love, healing, second chances, and that special someone of their own.

To help each lovely heroine and dashing hero find their perfect match, Mrs. Claus sends them a magical holiday ornament. From a carousel horse that matches the exact horse a hero will be found riding to an iced angel just like the cookies a dreamy chef bakes, each ornament has a real-world counterpart that, if followed, will lead to true love. These books are designed to be a fun quick read with a touch of magic and romance.

From historical to contemporary, from heartfelt to humorous, from magical to inspirational; each of these sweet romance stories ends in a festive happily ever after that will leave you wanting more — so be sure to check out all the titles by multiple authors in our Ornamental Match Maker Series, by visiting

I thought I'd include a teaser from two of the love candidates - and you will need to guess where our missing fellow fits in. Or better still, pre-order today so it will be delivered to your email on July 1st. I am celebrating Canada Day in style with this .99 cent deal.

Okay here it comes: Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Selene Gabel was burning the midnight oil again. Five years of toiling – almost every waking hour of every day – had earned her the sought-after consideration for partnership at Fashion Queen Magazine. Only Steven stood in the way of her securing the position. Cherise – the president of the company – was every bit the female displayed on the covers of her award-winning publication, and Selene had noticed the jezebel watching Steven. It certainly was not for his outstanding contributions to the woman’s business: The man was hot. Selene could not compete against that, and she felt angered that a smart, respected entrepreneur like Cherise Queen, would lower herself to even consider promoting this unskilled man to a senior position in her successful business.

Exhausted, she shut the lid of her computer. If she didn’t get some sleep tonight, all the makeup stuffed in her oversized vanity drawer would not be sufficient to disguise the black circles under her eyes – and that would never do. She needed to be in top form when all the underlings in the company jealously watched the baton of partnership pass to her.

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Jolene Sumpter arrived at her comfy apartment after eight straight days of traveling the globe. As a flight attendant, she’d seen sunrises and sunsets, mountaintops, blue skies and turbulent grey ones – all from the inside cabin of a commercial jet plane. She’d also rushed through many foreign airports, hopping from plane to plane, or tucked in tiny cubicles to sleep the few hours of free time away. Yet, in all the time spent in the exotic countries that she’d landed in on this round of trips, she’d only managed one occasion to grab some personal time, and took a cab to explore Spain’s famous marketplace.

After two years of experiencing, what she’d expected to be the fulfillment of her life’s passion, she sensed dissatisfaction with her career choice, and had become physically drained as a result of its topsy-turvy timetable. It felt as if her existence hung from fragile threads, swinging in motion, while waiting to disconnect and send her floundering into unknown depths.

Her heart wasn’t doing much better. She’d dumped the best man she’d ever known – her reasoning quite selfless and noble, but, nonetheless, hammered with emotional potholes. It wasn’t fair to expect a man’s dating life to coincide with her short times at Sebring’s home base. Now, her future loomed like an empty, solitary shell, and she secretly longed for the days of running barefoot on the beach with the man who haunted her dreams, day and night.

The love triangle will stretch to include the "man" and surprisingly enough - others that have been robbed of the full measure of love in relationship. But you'll need to pick up the book for that reveal.

If you are a fan of Christmas romance reading, then this book is for you. Thanks for considering it. Thanks for visiting with me today at Dream Creations: hope for the nations.

Until next time, dream big and stay safe.


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