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Countdown to Courtship: Blog #5

Once Upon a Courtship Blog # 5 starts interviews with the boxset authors

Today’s Featured Author: Marlene Bierworth


It’s hard to believe, but I am the first one to finish my manuscript. Clara’s Compassion is written, edited, proofed, and reviews from some of them can be found in Goodreads and BookBub.

So, it looks like I will start the ball rolling on “book-chat” as the first featured Author.

Question 1: What inspired you to write Clara’s Compassion?

Answer: Besides writing an inspirational love story (which is always the main objective), I wanted to place my frontier characters on Canadian soil for a change. Building the Canadian Pacific Railroad across this great nation presented many challenges, especially through the Rocky Mountains. Introducing new immigrant workers to the country and the workforce already in place on the rail lines triggered complications. Add the danger of blasting, weather conditions, building towns and depots for future train stops, and this grueling task slated for completion in 4 short years, and you have the ingredients for a great story tucked into an exciting time in history. A railway line from the East to the West opened the country to growth and tourism like never before. I wanted to tell you a little about one couple’s adventures in making their dreams become part of a bigger picture in the country’s history. 

Question 2: What are your favorite quotes from the book? 

Answer: Characters say it best. Quotes picked by my editors and team as their favorites.



Question 3: Give us a quick overview of the storyline.

Answer: Clara Stewart wants to go West. Her ticket to Cranston is a teaching certificate and a prearranged marriage. Graham Lee earns a management position to extend the Canadian Pacific Railway line through the Rocky Mountains, battling pre-conceived notions at every turn.


The courtship is tested when Clara’s compassion for the frontier immigrant workers wreaks conflict and heartbreak for Graham, the railroad boss. Clara answers the call to share God’s unconditional love, and when tragedy strikes at the camp, the heart of the community awakens. The lines become grayed for Graham when he is forced to choose between his conscience, his loyalties, his betrothed, and his job. Will the transformation reshape Cranston’s future and bring hope to the couple who is headed for their happily ever after? Or drive them apart?


Clara’s Compassion is a heartwarming pioneer adventure and a suspense-filled sweet romance in courtship, love, and compassion. Enjoy the journey as Clara and Graham seek to find a common ground to call home.


NOTE: This solo contribution will become book 1 in an upcoming series with more romance adventures being added starting in the summer of 2025, after the limited time boxset collection has been taken down, allowing each author to republish their stories independently. Be sure to watch for author Marlene Bierworth’s new Canadian Rocky Mountain Brides series in the spring of 2025.



Question #4: Is there a spiritual or inspirational tone that you want the readers to experience?

Answer: Clara’s “Compassion” says it all. The newcomer to the fledging town of Cranston, sees the emotional and spiritual needs of the community. Her pioneer spirit will not compromise in showing respect and kindness to the diverse population. God does not have favorites, and a little bit of love of kindness delivered by willing hands, go a long way in spreading unity and the Good News of hope.

It really boils down to:


Question #5: How can readers stay in touch with Marlene?

Answer: I am scattered around the net like crumbs on the trail, trying to make it easy for my readers to find me. I sure hope you will follow, subscribe, and love and comment on posts. It is important that we not depend on one platform, especially one we do not own, to stay in touch.

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*** And that’s it for the first book (completed and ready to be delivered to those who preorder the boxset on OCT. 22/24) in the 12 book collection. Loved sharing about “Clara’s Compassion” and hope I have piqued your interest to hit the PREORDER link to receive, not only my contribution, but 12 NEW stories headed your way.

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Until next time, hugs from Marlene

at Heartwarming Romance

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