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I just wanted to pop in to extend my prayers for a better 2021 for the world, and for us who call planet earth home. It continues to be an uphill climb out of the pit of this pandemic, but in setting goals and moving forward I’ve come to appreciate these words.

We may have, or yet, encounter many defeats, but we must never be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to meet them head-on and overcome the defeats to get a new revelation of who we are and our place in this world.

Troubles tend to show us not only our failures, but our strengths, and that is what we need to base our going forward upon. Negativity never did anyone any good, whereas positivity will set our world ablaze with renewed hope as we embark upon our new paths in 2021.

We have all, no-doubt, known down-times this past year, and surprisingly, they have made the good-times seem ten times better—perhaps even the things we have taken for granted in our busy lives pre-covid 19. Limitations on social gatherings, work colleagues, ordered to spend 24/7 with members of your household, might have been foreign to some die-hard workaholics or extraverts. But, over the course of the year, we have all been forced to do some level of soul-searching, re-evaluating priorities, and hopefully, this has prepared us for the new challenges that life presents within this pandemic.

I choose to focus on the positive as I move forward and hope that will be your goal as well. I have never taken setting New Year’s Resolutions seriously—it was just a fun thing to do—and certainly never saw many commitments through the entire year. Anyone else out there like me? Statistics say yes. But, this year mine will be attainable, and run deeper than the superficial wish for personal gain in the physical, emotional and career adventures in my life. Let’s dig deep, and somehow take hold of what we can accomplish within our circle of influence this year.

I hope we will carefully consider our role's seriously this coming year, demonstrate it in everything we do, say or accomplish in moving forward with the power of a new focus and a renewed heart. God bless you all.

Prayers for 2021 and hugs of encouragement,

Marlene from Heartwarming romance.

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