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April is Showering Books

Wow…this has been another super busy month at my publishing desk.

In April, I have provided a book for everyone’s taste—a historical western romance and for those who prefer contemporary, there is a Christian billionaire romance for you. And both are priced at the low introductory price of .99 cents, or available to read on KU. The sale won't last, so get it now.

Vera’s Vengeance was fun to write. This gal is far from perfect and is planning revenge on the man who broke her sister’s heart and ran off with her money. (You just have to look at that face and know she is up to no good) But, for her defense, I think most of us have dangled on the edge of that cliff at some point in our Christian walk. Aren’t you glad God doesn’t leave us hanging? He never leaves or forsakes us. Vera, my main character in the book, has much to learn as the story unfolds, and what better life-altering motivation is there than love to prove that forgiveness is possible and that the power of the cross can change a person’s life.

Well, that’s my April historical romance published and available to buy or read on KU. I sure hope you will pick it up. The price will soon return to 2.99, (which is still a great deal).

Next, comes my contemporary romance, A Legacy for Jayson, and he is another candidate for the grace of God. When the rug is ripped out from under his feet, and all he has left is the billion-dollar inheritance that he wants no part of, he finds himself at a major crossroad in his life. Thus enters Shelby, and things get a lot more complicated before they get better. From New York, to South Carolina, to Africa, and back home again, this book will take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget. This story dives into issues of grief and abuse (nothing graphic) just enough to know there are oftentimes emotions and mountains to conquer before one is able can move forward into their happily-ever-after.

I have a double deal for you all today! A Legacy for Bryan (the book that preceded Jayson) is available for the same price. Both are standalone but follow the same theme: receiving an inheritance from their father, with conditions.

And those are my April historical & contemporary romance titles published and available to buy or read on KU. Of course, you can click the links and read the full book descriptions and the great reviews readers are leaving. I just wanted to touch base with you all to give you a bit of backstory from the author and make sure you didn't miss out on the low price.

It is a challenge to publish 2 titles in one month while continuing to write an upcoming story and edit the next book. Love to stay busy and keep those characters happy that roam around in my head. LOL. I hope you enjoy reading the clean romance titles that I put out for you all.

If you have any questions about the books, drop a comment, or contact me. I love to interact with my friends and readers online.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless you through life's journey.

Hugs from Marlene, at Heartwarming Romance.

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