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A Match for Sarah: Mail Order Bride, Sweet Romance

Weddings in the pioneer days took far less time to plan than in 2021—not a newsflash for many parents who are wondering if their children will ever leave home or if the wedding will bankrupt them.

In the Old West, mail order brides and grooms often tied the knot the day they met; many marriages of convenience or desperation began with the couple hoping love would follow.

Often it did, but just as often it did not.

Sarah and Nick are about to experience it first hand.

On a personal note, I knew my husband eleven months before trying the knot. We were young, and the first three years we played hardy with no parental rules to hold us back. Then the baby-bug hit and life settled into a family routine. I have never regretted my teenage marriage, for we have grown up together and enjoyed many years of wedded bliss.

Ups and downs—yes—but when allowed, those can serve to solidify the commitment, not destroy it.

I’m sure couples everywhere have climbed the mountains and traversed the valleys of marriage. Some are insurmountable, but I hope in your case as in mine, they have strengthened your union and you live with few regrets. No better feeling than loving the same man into your rocking chair years.

Sarah, the main character in my book has a career cooking for a wealthy family and living in the servant’s quarters her family has shared for generations. She feels the homing instincts to break loose and against her mother’s wishes, heads north as a mail-order bride.

Big decision, but a gal needs a place to call home, one of her own choosing.

Many of you met her hero, Nick in my Pinkerton Match Maker book—An Agent for Genevieve.

He was her brother and readers asked for me to write a love story for him. Of course, he has managed to mess up his life a bit before Sarah’s arrival and their first month of marriage is a rather rocky one.

The rugged west and all it’s dangers, along with the isolation of farm life are huge obstacles for Sarah, whereas Nick is stuck between a rock and a hard place, having burned too many bridges behind him to meet his new wife’s homey expectations.

Two great books - both standalone sweet/Christian romance - both for only $2.99 each.

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I had a lot of fun writing these sweet love stories. I love historical settings and the unique conflicts the Old West presents to pioneering adventurous couples. We tend to romanticize it (at least romance authors do) but we all know it was a hard life and left little play time—certainly not like the first carefree three years my husband and I enjoyed.

A Match for Sarah is available NOW! — And I hope all the fans that receive this update will pick it up. I’d love to hear your feedback when your finished, either via email or a review if you choose. It is part of a brand series (a shoot-off from the Pinkertons) so ENJOY!

Until next time: Dream a big dream this week and enjoy a great book. Readers are giving it 5+++ stars. Lots of reviews for you to read on the amazon sales page.

Marlene at Heartwarming romance.

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