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3. Hello, Bermuda

Stop One: Day 3: Bermuda

Bermuda in late April was wonderful. A touch of rough seas made us late for our arrival at the port. Pam had booked an excursion with the ship, but the time was readjusted so she was still able to go snorkeling. She viewed two sunken ships and some great coral spots besides time enjoying the pink sandy beach.

The temperature was gorgeous—up to 77 degrees that day. We had an ice cream cone (you can do that early in the morning when you cruise LOL) while we watched the captain dock the huge ship like he was parking a Volkswagen in an empty lot. When the announcement came to disembark, the exodus began. With Pam gone on her excursion, I hung out with the other five gals in our entourage for the day.

The restored Royal Naval Stockyard was within walking distance from the ship. We saw some interesting history there and enjoyed a brief shopping time at the craft market. I added a spoon to my growing collection at home, showing the cane-shape of the island, and purchased a necklace starfish with pink sand inside.

We boarded a bus to Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda and a British island territory in the North Atlantic, to go sightseeing, which was an experience worth remembering.

They travel on the left side of the road, and the driver was far too familiar with the constant twists and turns, racing along at breakneck speeds. I would have loved to have gotten more pictures of the scenery as we whizzed by, but it would have translated as a blur. LOL Stretches of gardens in full spring bloom and acres of vegetables already peeking their heads above ground. The houses perched on multi-levels of the hillside were painted the colors of the rainbow, with a breathtaking view of the turquoise ocean water and the pink sand beaches below.

At times, when closed in on one side of the narrow road with a gorgeous stone wall and the other by a thick blossoming hedge, we often got whipped in the back of the head by foliage sticking in through the open windows. I suppose the bus drivers saved the city workers the job of trimming the roadside hedgerows. We laughed and ducked the branches, and all the while the driver sped on—apparently a normal day in his life.

Along the harbor, Front Street offered pastel colored colonial style buildings and high-end shops. We visited a museum, and the statue in the picture above spoke to the author in me. Loved this scene of the woman reading books to the children. There was an art exhibition and the dark wood was rich looking, and the carpet a beautiful display to walk on. I had no idea this was only the beginning of my love for unique “patterns” on this trip.

Hamilton seemed a big city at the time, even though the entire island is only 24 square miles and averages less than 1 mile in width. The main islands are clustered together in the shape of a fish hook and connected by bridges. It supports a population of 65,000, under 1000 living in Hamilton. We noted that a gallon of gas was $10.00 at the time, and there were no chain stores.

We found a grand Anglican church that reminded me of the pictures you see when royalty walk down those long aisles with areas sectioned off. We sat and enjoyed a musician playing hymns on a pipe organ—mesmerizing, melodic sounds, creating a majestic aura in the massive building. We reveled in God’s presence there for a while.

We also visited Victoria Park and walked around there enjoying the beautiful day in nature that April provided for us.

We made it back to the ship before departure time, cleaned up, and enjoyed a feast in the dining room and then an evening show with the Epic Beatles. Their music brought back a lot of past memories, and most of the audience could sing and clap along to the tunes. Some of our ladies retired soon afterward, but Pam and I went to the Atrium and watched a movie before settling in for the night.

All in all, it was a great day both on and off the ship. One I will not soon forget.

Day 4 through 7 were sea days, which I previously blogged, so, stay tuned for a blog outline of Day 8 when the ship will stop a second time in the Azores at Ponta Delgada.

Until next time, sending hugs your way,

Marlene at Heartwarming Romance.

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