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2019 at Dream Creations

This has been a busy year in the world of writing. Made lots of new friends, readers, and met great authors online and at meet-and-greets.

I finished up the Jones Star Pioneer series with the Christmas Celebration in # 10. So enjoyed adding characters to the Aspen Glen, Montana community and finding romantic matches to create their happily-ever-after love stories.

The Ornamental Match Maker books are in a multi-author series. I wrote 6 books and helped Mrs. Claus find matches for lonely hearts. These books are a mix of historical and contemporary.

So, as you can see, clean and wholesome, mostly Christian, romance is at the heart of all I write. Love is what makes the world go round and everyone needs a dose of it. I can't help you with any lack in your every day life, but I can provide an escape through the pages of a good fictional book. Writing books is a natural way for me to expand the characters that are birthed in my overactive imagination. I include bouts of adventure, mysteries, and action alternately within my plots.

Do you set goals to achieve your dreams? Here goes mine. In 2020 I want to publish 15 books! Trying to keep it realistic. I'll be checking my progress this time next year. I hope you have dreams, both personal and career, and that you will join me in putting feet to them.

Bye for now.

Hugs - Marlene.

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