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Family Secrets: YA mystery/suspense


 Someone is murdering people and dealing in illegal diamonds, and the prime suspect is Clayton Madison. Christine is his daughter who, despite his absence, refuses to believe the lies and determines to prove his innocence.


Uncovering clues is difficult with a corrupt police force, a mother on the brink of a nervous breakdown, a mysteriously silent brother, skeletons in the closet, and a forbidden love who appears a little too interested in things concerning the Madison scandal. Who's a girl to trust?


Christine Madison, the senior voted, 'most likely to succeed', is at the top of her game, yet dissatisfied with her social status and all the phoniness attached to it. But, when it all crumbles at her feet, the journey back forces her to rediscover contentment, peace, love, and trust.


Christine, her family, and her friends are on the roller coaster ride of their lives, where the past catches up to the present and the future looks darker than she ever dreamed possible. Even the support of her best friends, Sarah and Matt, society's perfect couple, cause her grief and heartache, Matt being the only guy Christine can never have but desperately wants.


Entangled friendships and families ties are obstacles we all face in life. Fictionalize these characters, breathe life into their adventure and you have an explosive story that the reader can relate to. Set them amidst the romantic splendor of upper-class society and you have a combination that will spark emotion, set hearts racing and provide hope that there is a 'Rock' to lean on while traveling the road of tragedy.

Orphan Flower: YA mystery/suspense

A young girl witnesses a life-changing event, which results in her loss of memory. The self-named Daisy finds refuge in an Amish home, as she attempts to make sense of the flashbacks and nightmares that daily haunt her.


A bear threatens the community and it appears that Daisy’s destiny lies in confronting the terror alone. Is she up for the challenge?


Life and death are explored in this reflective, action-packed adventure, where Daisy and her new friend, Judith, find strength and resolution in family, faith and one another. 

Heartstrings: 3 Teen Love stories

Heartstrings: Three short romance/adventure stories for teens.


Revenge Backfired: Jessica has been hurt deeply. This is a story of abuse, divorce, power, money, neglect, and healing.Will love be enough to unpack her emotional baggage?


Love's Rescue: Steve accepts the challenge to rescue Denise from her kidnapper and uncovers a hidden crime. She is the girl he secretly loves but will love play him for a fool again?


Blown Away: This is a story of tragic heartbreak and Anne's journey to rise above her past. Will she conquer her fears and learn to forgive and love?


Some bonus writings are included at the end. Enjoy!

Out of the Darkness - Into the Light 

This book contains four short stories to inspire you. The family issues addressed are temptation, bereavement, aging, and abuse. These are not easy topics but it is the reality of life. 


Join the fictional characters in a journey through their pain and cheer them on to victory. Each story has an author-character that writes a comparison-type piece for additional entertainment. 


Be encouraged in your faith today and read how others allow healing, encouragement, salvation, and legacy to live through them in their everyday lives.


It is the author's desire to publish entertaining books of value to families. It is her privilege to share the message of direction and hope to others.

Dreams With Feet:

YA dogsledding action/adventure

Book 1 in the Dream Series

A compelling adventure with dogsledding and wilderness survival as its unique hook. Doug is snatched from his world of fantasy, where dreams lay dormant, into a unique reality, where anything is possible.


Experience his sportive adventures, his tangled relationships, his love for animals, and last-but-not-least, fall prey to his deep passion for dogsledding.


Obstacles collide from every angle; including classmates, family, unsolved mysteries, and a wilderness project that teams Doug with a love-struck girl and a class bully. Doug's dream will take the reader on an emotional ride that will not soon be forgotten. As this contemporary plot accelerates into the storm-driven finale, Doug's courage and faith are continually challenged. Out of his hardships and joy, emerge life-changing character and personal achievement.


Welcome to Doug's dream! Somewhere in the middle of his story, I hope you are inspired to Put Feet to Your Own Dreams.

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Sabotaged Dreams:

YA Dogsledding/Action/Adventure

Book 2 in the Dream Series

Sabotaged Dreams is the second book in the 'Dream Series.' Once again we find the Saunders family and friends struggling to put feet to their growing dreams.
Doug's latest dream is hindered by the people in his life; Nicole's dream is sabotaged by her past; Foster's dreams are buried in addiction; Tamara's dreams are limited to her home situation; Bob's dreams hinge on choices he will make; Trevor continues to sabotage his own dreams; and Sarah's dreams are about to come true.
As the plot unfolds we take a deeper look into the minds and hearts of the Saunders family and those who dare to come alongside them with dreams of their own.
Join the dreamers of this series and be inspired to put feet to your own dreams.

Entangled Dreams: YA Dogsledding Action/Adventure

Book 3 in the Dream Series

Doug finds himself entangled in the dreams of others and barely finds time to live his own. Old tempers flare up: anger, jealousy, impatience, and act before you think.


Doug has the old saying ‘think before you act” in reverse once again, as his anger, jealousy, and impatience explode, endangering not only his dream but the dreams of those around him. When will he learn to think before he acts, talks and walks?


In the midst of emotional upheaval, Doug discovers that Bob is headed down a dangerous path of no return and somehow he must find a way to set him on the straight and narrow


Will he lose his new girlfriend before the relationship even has a chance to grow due to his own uncontrolled jealousy?


And now he has further jeopardized his chances at the upcoming dog sled competition by initiating the accident that eliminates his lead dog from the race.


Is Doug once again his “own worst enemy”. Will he succeed in rising above the obstacles and pave the road to victory, not only for himself but also for family and friends around him?  As dreams further tangle into one big web of consumption, Doug must find the courage to rise to the top, build character and keep the faith amidst the ride of entangled dreams.


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Book no.2
Book no.3

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