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Mail-Order Mama books are about women who come out west between the 1820’s and 1890’s on a stagecoach in answer to an advertisement for a mail-order bride. But the bride doesn’t know that the ad was not created by the groom!

This is a multi-author series and all the books are standalone, but have this in common: the person sending for the “Mama” or a “Bride” is not her intended groom!

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A Cowgirl for curtis.jpg
A Cowgirl for Curtis
Book 14 
Jessica is running from the law, and Curtis, from life.

Becoming a mail-order bride to an ailing rancher in Texas seems like one way to inherit a home for Jessica Carrington, and provide an escape from the posse on her trail. However, she didn’t expect falling in love as part of the bargain.

Both Jessica and Curtis unknowingly fall prey to Danny’s desperate act of securing a mail-order mama, and sets in motion a tail-spin of events that will fuse the new family’s past, present and future.
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