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A Nurse For Daniel (Nursing the Heart, Book 7)

Gwen has graduated The Harrow School of Nursing and is sent to assist a recovering patient at the McAlister Plantation in Kentucky. Besides a bum-leg, a close-range blast during a Civil War battle has stolen all of Daniel’s childhood memories, and he now struggles with fitting into his old life, or finding motivation to begin anew. He underestimates the determination of the nurse his father hires, and is ill-prepared for the fight to win back his body, soul, and mind.

When the unexpected baby is delivered to the McAlister doorstep, it changes everything for the couple who are just beginning to see beyond Daniel’s healing and into a possible future together. Can love survive misplaced duty and provide freedom for romance in the aftermath of a past that threatens it all?

Join Daniel and Gwen in this heartwarming story of new beginnings.

A Nurse for Walter (Nursing the Heart Book 
on is a graduate from the Harrow School of Nursing and is sent to the Franssen hospital in Maple Grove, Tennessee, a mere day’s coach ride from her bordering home state of Kentucky. She is not expecting an onslaught of suitors to come calling.
When her interfering father sends his choice for a husband, and a carefree cowboy takes an interest in pursing her, but all the while, her heart yearns for the affections of her boss, Walter Franssen, the distraught woman soon realizes that any match will threaten her dream of working in the field of medicine.
Will her heart win the battle over her head? Join the fated couple as they walk the fine line of a whirlwind courtship, filled with adventure, grief and heartbreak. Grab your copy of a Nurse for Walter today—a Christian romance journey that will be sure to satisfy your dream of happily-ever-after.
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