Keepers of the Light

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A Liberating Love (Keepers of the Light, Book 3)


Uncover a dark secret – Liberate a dishonored life – and join the strong-minded couple seeking to bring freedom to lives trapped within its deception.

Growing up under the stigma of ‘the little girl with the crazy mother’ is not easy. As a young woman, Bethany Forester resolves to get to the bottom of the family mystery, and sets in motion an investigation that leads to a trail of prisoners ensnared by the lie.

Spruce Hill’s deputy, Troy Spencer, comes alongside to assist Bethany, and when the adventure leads to romance, the couple are unwavering in their attempt to close the door to the past and open new possibilities for the future. The truth will set you free takes on new meaning, as light displaces darkness and love is released to hearts ready to receive.

If you enjoy a mystery, romance, lighthouses, and bonding with a growing logging community in 1870 Spruce Hill, Oregon, then this book is for you. 

©2018 Marlene Bierworth at Heartwarming Romance 
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