Georgia Peaches

Melanie Braxton is a police officer in South Carolina fighting for freedom from her family’s affluence.
Trevor Knight is a lawyer, struggling to keep what remains of his family together.

Trevor and Melanie join forces to solve the mystery of his niece’s death, while Cupid aims his arrow at their unsuspecting hearts. When family on both sides become suspects, loyalty, faith and love become stumbling blocks to uncovering the truth.

Melanie is forced to face her discontented past to secure the future that she desperately wants in this Christian contemporary romance and you are invited along for the ride.


Without a past, Christine Willow Stanfield is convinced she will have no future. Loyalties governing two families have Riley Thistle trapped, with no way out.

New discoverie
s regarding her family’s lineage take Willow to Georgia, where she is greeted by two affluent, but age-old feuding families. Winning them over to the side of truth and bringing peace into the mix is a challenge worth pursuing, if she lives to see another day.

Join Willow and
Riley as they play the trump card, a privilege given by a caring God who desires peace and harmony to reign over suspicion. Will love conquer hate, or will similarities of young love from ages past destroy the union of new blood in the present day?

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