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Ornamental Match Maker Series


Mrs. Claus is all about spreading Christmas cheer — especially to the many lonely hearts seeking friendship, love, healing, second chances, and that special someone of their own.

To help each lovely heroine and dashing hero find their perfect match, Mrs. Claus sends them a magical holiday ornament. From a carousel horse that matches the exact horse a hero will be found riding to an iced angel just like the cookies a dreamy chef bakes, each ornament has a real world counterpart that, if followed, will lead to true love. These books are designed to be a fun quick read with a touch of magic and romance.

From historical to contemporary, from heartfelt to humorous, each of these sweet romance stories ends in a festive happily ever after that will leave you wanting more — so be sure to check out all the titles by multiple authors in our Ornamental Match Maker Series, by visiting

Love Wears Plaid for Christmas 

The ultimate Match Maker – Mrs. Claus – is looking for her next project. Would a young widowed mother and a lone rancher dad fit the bill?

When Tamara receives the plaid reindeer ornament gift that swirls with Christmas magic, and hints that she will find her new love wearing plaid, the hunt begins. Trouble is – Joel does not wear plaid - ever.

Both daughters, Chris and Annie, join forces to investigate the clues, but discover obstacles’ suggesting their parents are not the pairing the Match Maker has in mind. Desperate measures send the children off into the cold evening to bring the evidence home. Will the Spencer and Parker family unite as one? Only if they believe in Christmas miracles.

From an elf, to a reindeer, and eventually to the whole Claus family, the couple must face ghosts from the past if they are to move forward into an unexpected future. This historical western romance novella, takes place in Montana between a substitute school teacher and a small time rancher.

Download today. Love is the reason for the season.

Cupid Valentine 
Cupid Christmas jpg

Two mini matchmakers, inspired by a Christmas Plaid romance, are beginning to meddle in the things of the heart. When Chris and Annie receive an invitation to help the Ornamental Match Maker, a second couple become recipients of the love-magic. Will the girls manage another happily-ever-after or will the two lonely hearts miss their destiny?

At twenty-six, Kara Frankford feels like romance has passed her by. While she is the owner of a thriving seamstress shop in Livingston, Montana, Kara is bound with family responsibilities, allowing her little time to pursue meaningful relationships. A prosperous businessman, Stephen Thacker, has no one on whom to lavish his success. Alone and without family, life lacks the fulfillment he’d imagined the West would provide. Will Cupid’s arrow hit the target or will a bumpy first day with the girl of his dreams ruin their happily-ever-afters?

Join Chris and Annie as they dive headfirst into another great adventure – and hopefully pull off the next perfect match. But the girls may need a little help. When romance takes a rocky turn in the road, will it be magic or a miracle that carries love forward? Find out in this endearing story of rescue, freedom, faith, and hope.

Download Cupid Valentine today!

Christmas Cruise in July

All aboard for a Christmas cruise In July.

The North Pole is casting a magic net across the sea to catch two lonely hearts and make this cruise a life-altering adventure.
Will Merissa heal from a broken heart before the ship lands back at Fort Lauderdale and can Chad make the hard decisions that are destined to change the path he has chosen?

Only the mysterious giver of the ornamental gift knows for sure.

Come sail aboard the Imperial Voyager and taste the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' in a whole new setting. And while you’re there, be sure to root for the couple struggling to find their dreams.

This faith-based novella will have you riding strong currents of emotional waves – from the depths of grief to a happy-ever-after. At least that’s what Chad and Merissa are hoping for.

Download today.

Key to Christmas 

The ornamental key is the most important gift the aging Mrs. Claus will ever send. It is time to pick her successor. As she gazes on her final recipient, the foundations of Santa Ville shake and the keys to the kingdom fall into the abyss. Devastated and confused, she collapses in her Polar Penthouse suite, as the crumbling North Pole village is covered with a mystical blanket of snow.

Pamela Legend is an ambitious young woman, successful doctor of medicine and lover of all things Christmas. When an injured man, the mysterious John Doe, is wheeled into the emergency room, she is swept up in helping him rediscover his identity. He is a complicated soul, and when he opens walls between reality and fantasy, only a miracle will allow them to see eye to eye on the most important ingredient in life – to love and to be loved? Together they are cast into a world they are ill-equipped to understand, and when self-preservation takes its toll, the gift will show them the way. But, will their hunt for true destiny come in time to turn love’s key and save Christmas.

Follow Pamela and John as they discover the lost miracle of redeeming love and attempt to balance a fallen world that has lost the true meaning of the season. This entertaining, modern myth combines truth and legend to bring about a happily-ever-after love story.

Download today.

Christmas Owls in July

When Trevor receives the Christmas owl ornament, he laughs the gift off as a sick joke from the North Pole. But his mother is hopeful and slips it into his suitcase as he packs to leave on another tour. Midway through the month-long vacation, he senses his tour bus passengers are running out of steam. A quiet beach within a few hours drive and a relaxing stay at Heritage Inn beckons to him as a pleasant solution.

Angie Parkinson owns Heritage Inn and accepts the newcomers as a last minute replacement for a canceled group. Pleased that Christmas in July would launch as it had every year since her childhood, Angie prepares for them to arrive. Little does she suspect that the North Pole has set into motion a chain of events that will open old wounds and bring together the past, present, and future.

When the barn owls at the resort are thrown into the mix, the two lonely hearts best guard their hearts, or prepare to be swept into a romance long overdue.

Download today.

A Crown for Christmas
jpg Cover - ACrown for Christmas[69].jpg

Ms. Claus is on the lookout for love’s heir, and zeroes in on the perfect match for the upcoming King of Edstrom Isle. Megan Fairchild, a successful psychiatrist, is tired of celebrating her deceased mother’s version of Christmas, and sets out to find her own path.

The vacation destination is decided when the ornament arrives from the North Pole – a Royal Tiara. Megan embarks on the trip of a lifetime, never suspecting Prince Charming awaits her on the other side of the world. But royal blood and that of commoners have never mixed within the Monarchy, and as the complications mount, Megan must decide between preserving tradition or seizing her happy-ever-after.

When the walls of defense crumble in Megan’s heart, she bolts for home. Will her Prince choose the practical marriage over love with the American girl of his dreams? Christmas magic seems to have an expiry date, and the Ball is approaching fast. Join the romantic chase as love crosses the boundaries in this Ornamental Match Maker story of rescuing two lonely hearts?

A Family for Christmas

Mrs. Claus is keeping it in the family. We are back at Heritage Inn for the wedding, where Sandra, Trevor's mother receives the ornament from the North Pole. Dealing with the emotions of her son's marriage, and finding purpose to her life once he is no longer her primary concern, consume Sandra. So, when the lonely heart that the matchmaker has sent arrives on her doorstep, romance is the last thing she expects.

Robert is the wedding planner, a widower of five years and has never met anyone he wants to pursue - until Sandra. But his family will not let memories of their mother rest and Sandra refuses to come between them. Will love be enough to survive their late-blooming romance?

Relationships that lead to second marriages, especially in mid-life, have a unique set of problems, and many flounder, no matter how much they care for their new partner. Sandra and Robert are among this number of second chance lonely hearts.

Come join the gang for another love story at Harvest Inn and Resort. Download today.

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